Need help Burning a Dvd, Please

I downloaded a movie to my harddrive and it is 6.82 GB… My blank Dvd disc that I want to burn it on to only holds 4.7 GB… How do I divide this movie in half to put on 2 Dvd’s or what do I do? Any help is greatly appreciated. Many Thanks, Jenny :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
You have a choice of programs that allow splitting.
DVDFab is just one.

You can split it with DVDShrink too if you want a free program. This guide is for an older version of Shrink, but will show the basics. Last version of Shrink is 3.2 and can be downloaded from

You can also use DVDShrink to compress the movie to fit onto a blank dvd if you prefer. There are guides for that at both sites I’ve mentioned.

You might want to follow zebadee’s advice if you want a commercial program. He really is a guru at this sort of thing though he won’t admit it. :stuck_out_tongue: :iagree:

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