Need help burning a cd for karaoke machine

Hi all, we purchased a karaoke machine for our daughter recently. We went online and purchased some songs for her. The file came with 2 files, one mp3 and one cdg file. I used Mp3gtoolz to merge them into a .bin file. After some research I learned that I need to use CDRWIN to burn them onto a cd. (Tried just copying the .bin files to a cd, but no go.)

My trouble is when I try to use CDRWIN, it tells me that it cannot find a compatible cdrom recorder on the system. I really don’t know what that means or how to fix it. Is it referring to a hardware issue or do I need to download another program?

Please help, so my daughter can finally use her new machine, lol. I know i can also purchase karaoke cds from the store, but I’d really like to figure this out.


you have a real can of worms, the only drives reccomended in the past for burning
karaoke cdg disks were plextor, preferable the premiums

the graphics get written to a hidden subtrack, I had some luck with good dvd burners supporting this

the nero infotool will show if your drive is cdg capable

another option is clonecd

I hated cdrwin, damn aspi freaks


unfortunately, it shows only if the drive can read CD+G (Samsung SH-S182D and Benq DW 1650 can) :frowning:
Any idea how to check if the drive supports CD+G writing?

it’s been my experience after burning about a thousand cd’s that if it reads cd+g it will write it also, if it won’t read it then it sure as heck won’t write it

the best test is to copy a karaoke disk from drive to drive or make an image with clonecd using the settings i have linked to

actually I used a custom profile that I created in clone

since it’s all going digital now I haven’t done anything in this field for a year or two

use only the best burners, best media and burn real slow

What I tend to do after converting to one .bin file with MP3+GToolz, is convert the .bin file again into a .CCD file with Cue2CCD (Google it), then use CloneCD on the resulting .CCD file (we tend to choose “Multimedia Audio CD” at it works fine).

Works a treat. :slight_smile:

Older NEC drives also do CD+Gs (read + write) great as well. 16x burning on the CD+Gs has never posed a problem, and the discs I’ve made get used a lot at gigs by my mum’s boyfriend without a blip.

that is one hard to find file

Yeah I can’t remember where I found it now. All I know is I was looking forever.

Edit: According to a post on the Audiograbber forums, the author of Cue2CCD (freeware) seems to be having problems with his websites, both are down.

well I consider myself an expert at finding such files, seems the whole karaoke “scene” has gone underground or been bought up, karaokeplayground will be missed

it’s a shame cdfreaks doesn’t have a subforum, there’s already a lot more knowledge here than I thought

the nec 3540 and 3550 came close to plextor cd-burners

in clone you need to set a custom profile, right click/edit etc according to the old guides

audiograbber and winamplite w/ plugin are essential tools also

Thanks for your help guys. I’ve checked with nero infotool and my burner is not cd+g compatible. I am unable to find Cue2ccd program. Looks like I’m stuck. I wish I had known this before I purchased all those karaoke tracks. :slight_smile: That’s what happens when you get ahead of yourself. I have a fairly new/decent laptop, so I just assumed it could handle it. I’ll keep trying to figure it out. Thanks again for your help. If you come up with something else, please let me know.

Thanks and take care.


well according to the readme text the program is copyrighted but freeware for non-commercial use

halfway down the page is a working link

you’ll need clonecd to test

we are going the other direction and putting our disks on laptop for karaoke

thank goodness, karaokecd’s are the most fragile ones and a bar is very hard on them of course laptops don’t like spilled drinks either

Thanks Chewy, I downloaded Cue2Ccd and am trying to use it now. I don’t know if you ever used this program or not. I open the .cue file but it acts as if I must also enter a ccd file for it to work??? It seems to me that if I already had a ccd file I wouldn’t need the program. Anyway, the “convert” button never comes out for me to click. I will keep trying to mess with it. At this point anything is progress.

We are new to this karaoke stuff and with the new machine, my daughter really wants to see it work. It came with a free cd, but she is really tired of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and “Silent Night”. LOL

THanks again for all your help.


is it wanting you to name the ccd file? and pick a location to save it

I was getting ready to test all this since the last program I used didn’t make playable disks on our club player(old worn out one)

hi, yes I did have to name. I got it figured out thanks. I just burned one track using clone (it seemed to only let me burn one track at a time–gotta figure that out.) It played on the karaoke machine, which is progress, but it did not have the lyrics come up on screen. Hmmm. This is getting to be quite a process, lol. But at least once I have it figured out, it will be a breeze.

I really appreciate all of your help!!!

go back and reread those direction in those other forums for clone

when you get to the screen where you pick a profile(mixed audio?) right click on it and edit and make sure the settings are right, the lyrics/words are burned to a hidden sub track

the cue/bin/ccd should include all tracks that you want on the cd from when you create the bin

there were some directions for nero? and nonstandard/compliant recorders?

laptop drives are lame by definition

DaChew: off subject for a min but I was trying to d/l the InFo Tool that you showed and the ones I get don’t show the drives, do you have to buy Nero in order to get that tool ? thanks in advance

should work

if not then you will have to put neroaspi in a folder with neroinfotool

Ok will give it a try, thanks a million and have a nice day

Sorry to jump in Dachew and Jimbo, but yeah it only comes with nero,I got mine with an OEM version,and is one of the few reasons I still keep nero around…At least I’m almost sure that is the only way to get it!..

Okay that was the one I d/l and it didn’t show the drives and I can’t find the neroaspi file