Need Help Burning a BackUp with a Mac

My brother has a WinBlowz PC and I burn him back up copies because he doesn’t have a burner and then he puts his originals away safe and sound. Today I went to burn him copies of his games (BattleField 1942 and Sims Deluxe) and I got an i/o error -36 message.

I am using Toast Titanium 6 on an eMac with 21GBs of free HD space and 640MBs of RAM. I just updated to OSX 10.2.6.

I tried again with an old original of OS 8 and it worked fine. When I tried with the PC CDs again they didn’t work. I checked the CDs for scratches and they have a few normal scuffs but nothing that I can see would cause them to go bad. Then I found out Sims Deluxe uses Safedisc 2.72 protection and Safedisc 2.80.010 for Battlefield 1942. Is there a way to get around that on that??

If anyone has any good advice they can email me at MacTraderBoy at