Need help burning a 700mb file onto a disc to be played on DVD player



OK, previous topic got locked coz some idiot had to cry to a mod because i mentioned a word that seemed to make him go nuts, dunno but i don’t understand people these days making huge big deals out of nothing. So here goes the topic AGAIN, with the little part of the sentence removed.

I’m looking for answers. Not lectures or anything “UNRELATED”. The guy was bored or something and spent the past 20 or so minutes wasting my time. If you don’t have the answer, please don’t post a comment. Unless ur doing that to purposely increase ur post count so that it makes u look cooler? Well, w/e.

Hi I got 2 problems. I want to burn a 700mb .avi file onto a single 700mb CD. I have searched many guides/tuts on Google and don’t find what i need. I tried using Nero 8 and try to make a VCD of it, after 40 mins of encoding Nero changed the 700mb into a 1GB file. I understand how that happened, that’s because .avi file is supposed to be compressed, just like .mp3. So after changing to the VCD format, it’s larger.

But i just want to burn the 700mb file as it is onto a 700mb disc. Is this possible without too much of a hassle?

I know i can split the 700mb .avi file into 2 parts using AVI Splitter, and then burn them separately onto two 700mb CDs, but that’s going to waste more time for me and i would much like it better to just burn it straight on a CD.

I don’t wish to waste a DVD just for a 700mb movie. I know heaps of ways to burn it to DVD, and i have used heaps of tools before. But i don’t want that. I think it’s too much of a waste for a DVD, sure i can use programs like DVD Flick, DVD Santa, DVD FAB Platinum, ConvertX to DVD etc, there’re HEAPS of those tools i can use and i’ve used hundreds of them before. But i don’t wish to convert a 700mb file to a DVD format, because it’s just making the file larger and wasting a DVD and also wasting more time.

So anyway, i don’t wish to waste my DVDs on a 700mb movie, i need the DVDs for other things more important than this. I just want to burn the 700mb file as it is without making it larger or anything. And imagine people who doesn’t have a DVD writer, they can’t do it this way then, so PLEASE DON’T SUGGEST anything related to what i just said.

Please RECOMMEND “ANY” tool that will do the job.

Now, i know it’s getting a bit annoying and pretty long already but here’s my 2nd question. Is there any tool that can convert/comrpess a 4.7GB DVD movie into a 700mb file? I’ve found a few guides on Google but those take too many steps as well as using 3 programs and A LOT of time just to do this. I just need a simple program that does everything for me. I don’t want to manually configure the encoding settings etc, there’re some burning softwares that makes u do all this work and that’s just plain annoying and waste of time.


Hi,i’d need to do some research about your question but this how i view my avi files on my tele,put the 700mb avi file on a memory stick and get yourself a divx player(standalone player thats connects to your tele like a dvd player)make sure when your buying to get one with a usb connection these can be found at for round about 30 nicker pnp,and away you go.this will save you money on discs in the long run.This is just a suggestion.Thanks.


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thank u Jammicker, i like your idea. I’ll give that a try.

As for other members who appears to be bored and trying to give me lectures, it’s ok, i got the answers i need and it seems Jammicker idea is better than the methods i got. So i was right myself, you have to use a minimum of at least 2 discs if it’s a VCD or SVCD format. Guess i can’t cut it down to one disc then.

Well, it’s funny how Jammicker is a new member with only 2 post but he gives a simple good advice, just “STRAIGHT TO THE POINT” compare to senior members who appears to flame ppl just so they can increase their post count. This forum totally lacks support. I just posted my question at another forum 20 mins ago and already got 5 replies with good suggestions and advice. People in this forum really need to grow some balls and learn how to answer some simple question.

Jammicker, thanks again for ur suggestion, i didn’t know there are DVD players that can play .avi files from USB. I’ll try find me one of those, thanks.


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