Need help booktyping dvd+r media

hi all, I have a problem that might have a simple fix. I’ve been trying to burn data dvd’s with DVD+R media, using Nero and also CdBurnerXP Pro. I seem to be able to record/burn just fine, but my finished dvd disks never work in the drive. I get an error that says Please Insert Disk into Drive so-in-so, every time I try to read one of my burned DVD+R data dvd’s.

I’ve tried many things, including new firmware for my burner and different burning software, but none of it works. I suspect that even though my burner claims to be able to read DVD+R media, it can’t. I don’t fully understand booktyping, but if it affects the final format of the disk, it’s the next likely thing to try, right?

now I just need to know how the heck to do it. please tell me either step by step or give me a good idea of where to look to change it to a more universal format.

some drives support it and some don’t. it has to do with your drive and your firmware.

my toshiba sd-r5372 does it automatically (i wouldn’t even know how to disable it or if i even can)

look up some info on your particular drive and/or firmware and you should be able to find our answer if it supports bitsetting (booktyping) or not.

i have the latest firmware for my drive. if dvd+r media doesn’t work in it now, are there any settings to play with? I can burn to it just fine, but I can’t read it, thats too frustrating, and I hate to think I’ve wasted money on a spool of incompatible media.

but what youre saying is, bitsetting is the hardware’s responsibility and the user can’t change a dvd’s output format? If I could burn these dvd+r as dvd-rom, I think I’d be just fine.

you still haven’t mentioned what kind of drive you have nor what version is the “latest” firmware for your drive.

i was just saying that my drive does it automatically. others have settings you can tweak.

i probably won’t know much about your drive in particular, but if you post in one of the sub forums in the optical drives section someone with the same drive might be able to help you out.

My older NEC1300ad supports bitsetting for DVD+R and DVD+RW but I have to use DVDinfopro to set it everytime I reboot and I had to use a non-Nec authorized special firmware Herrie’s v1.08 from another site. Nero won’t see it but it leaves it as set by DVDinfopro.

My LG 4163B will only set DVD+R but Nero sees it and it stays set even if I reboot.

The newer burners seem to support it more than the older ones. It’s be in your manual.