Need help.Blinwrite 6 files

I don`t know where to write, so I wrote here. I have 3 failes witch are
I need to extract informatio witch is in this files to my pc, and not to write on DVD using blindwrite 6. how can I do it?

Hi there,

I suggest you install Daemon Tools v4.0.3

This will create you 1 to 4 Virtual DVD-ROM Drive.

Then you can mount an image file, this fakes you putting a CD-DVD Media in the Virtual DVD-ROM Drive.

Then you can see all the files on your virtual drive (Ex: X:\ Y:\ Z:)

It’s pretty usefull to install software, play a game, copy files from an image file, but without burning it.

[U]Updated[/U] [B]BW5mount.dll[/B]

Blindwrite v6 came out after Daemon Tools v4.0.3, so you need to update the above .DLL to be able to open Blindwrite [B]v6.0[/B] images.

[B][U]STOP[/U] Daemon Tools[/B]

Unzip this new .DLL into

[B]C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools\Plugins\Images[/B]

Then restart Daemon Tools.

Usually, a Blindwrite images has 2 files.

[B]Filename.B6I[/B] <— which has all the data

[B]Filename.B6T[/B] <— which has the topology, and the info needed to burn this above .B6I properly.

Usually, you would mount the .B6T but since you do not have it, mounting the .B6I should work !

Good luck…

I’ve had a similar problem, I have bw5mount.dll already installed into Daemon. I have 4 files however:


B6T is a failed image, B6I will mount fine except none of the files are openable inside the CD. Maybe blindwrite can convert these files into something else? I’m not sure.

Rhys Andrews

Hi there,

Updated BW5mount.dll

Blindwrite v6 came out after Daemon Tools v4.0.3, so you need to update the above .DLL to be able to open Blindwrite v6.0 images.


Yes bw5mount.dll comes with v4.0.3 but it’s OLD !

Did you upgrade the .DLL with the above link as suggestions in my earlier post ?

Upgrade the .DLL and try again please !

hi, i got this error when opening b6I and b6T files with Daemon: “X:\Setup.exe is not a valid win32 application”

i’ve downloaded the updated DLL and nothing :frowning:

just got the updated DAEMON on the official site, replaced bw5mount.dll and it worked!


Ahhhhhhhhwe have success !!!

Excellent news ! this link is not avaible anymore can you update it please ?:confused:

Hi there,

This one works !

Hi Guys please help me !
I have updatet my Daemon tool, and i installed the bw5mount.dll
but it doesnt work. Ive downloaded the game " El Matador " but i cant mount it !
Ive allready tried to burn it with Blindwrite6 but it doesnt work too !
please help me !
( iam german, iam not so got in english :wink:
thnx very mouch !

Hi there,

I have updated my Daemon tool, and i installed the bw5mount.dll

The games doesn’t work, or you cannot mount the .B6W .B6T image ?

Ok I have got a .rar file and I have unzipped it. When unzipping all I got was a .B00 file. Now, how do I mount this, or go abt unzipping the .rar so as to get the rest of the files. For some reason only the .boo file got unzipped.

and what is it meant to be?

Joint task Force

I know this thread is kinda old but.

I tried all of the above, i installed the new DLL. Now daemontools recognizes the b6t files as image files, but when i click mount i get an error saying

Unable to mount image. Invalid image file.

Anyone else get this? or did i just do something wrong when updationg


same problem here