Need help \ bin for memorex 2448a6

version sws3 firmware in a new memorex 48x24x48 I want to flash it directly to a liteon 52x with mtkflash is this possible ?? where can I find a suitable bin file to make it a liteon drive ? if I get ahold of 6s02 for instance and flash it will I then be able to use the liteon executable to flash to 07 or 08 ???


Why flash it with the 6S02.bin if you can just patch the 6S08.exe with FlashFix to upgrade your drive?
Alexnoe has lots of Memorex and Lite-ON firmwares in his archive.

thanx for the tip got 6s07 from dayan’s site and flashed it with mtkflash gonna try to use the oemn liteon 6s08 file to update it now