Need help. Bad LTR-12101B flash

I just flashed it to the latest and it flash fine, all but it turned my drive into 8 drives! Windows recognizes it as 8 drives, from drive E: to drive K:! I need to reflash back, but it was the latest and you know how stingy the Lite-On flashing util is. I did download a .bin rom from OC-FREAK’s stash and need help on how to flash it. Thanks.

DUMBASS ME! I tried to flash my 12101B to 16101B since the two really seemed to be the same drives. The 32x, 40x, 48x inspired me to try this. I thought this could fix my 8 drive problem and get me 4 more X in burning speed. The flash just stopped and halted when i was using the dos 16101B firmware. The led doesn’t turn on ne more, although i did several times after flash. When booting, the motherboard can’t detect it and just takes forever trying to detect something on the secondary ide. Do u think i can use the the pin trick and reflash back? Or do u think i need a new drive? If so, where can i pick up the LTR-32125W and not the LTR-32123S? THanks.

There is pins on the side of the power plug:


jumper the lower two pins:


Then try to flash the drive again with the binary firmware and pflash (NOT mtkflash).

Thanks for the help OC Freak. I need help on how to use pflash. Is it ok if i use the dos one for my drive, then use the windows one?

Thank you OC-FREAK. My drive works fine right now, but i still have the that problem where windows recognizes it as 8 drives! I shouldn’t fret though, as it works fine. Should i try to flash to a previous firmware to fix this? Thanks.