Need help bad - DVD/CDRW not being recognized

I am in desperate need for help from someone smart!

Here is my config:

Dell 8100 Laptop
Sony DVD/CDRW Combo - CRX810E 1.4c
Windows XP Home

The laptop came with EasyCD Creator Basic preinstalled. This seemed to work fine when I first got it. I subsequently installed some better burning software including Clone CD, Nero, and Blind Write.

The problem I am having is that when I go to burn in Nero, Easy CD Creator or Blind Write, the drive itelf IS recognized but it does not recognize the media in the drive. ie. I put a blank in the drive but the program thinks the drive is still empty and therefore I cannot burn.

It gets weirder. Once in a while it does recognize the disk if I reboot and immediately run Nero (although this is happening less and less). When it does work I am can’t burn faster than 8x (my burner is rated at 16x), otherwise I get buffer underruns.

I have tried everything I can think of. I have uninstalled all the burning software and went back to just Easy Cd Creator, but this didn’t help. I tried installing various ASPI layers, this made things worse. I reinstalled BlindWrite to try there Patin-Couffin layer, didn’t work either. I have also unstalled the CDRW drivers and had Windows XP reinstall them but this didn’t help either.

I suspect I only have two options; either fixing the problem in the registry (which I have no idea how to do) or wiping out the hard drive and doing a clean install, which I really would like to avoid b/c everything else on the machine is running really well.

Sorry for the long post but I really hope someone can help.

Thanks in advance,


Alot of the adaptec is more trouble than its worth and you have already found better software with nero. At this stage you sound like you have tried all the obvious and the registry is possible but definately not nice. I would bite the bullet and do the load from cold, but do not install Adaptec when you have the os installed!!

Yeah men, I agree with Ctwiner, because you have installed Easy coaster Creator and Nero at the same time in winXP and then uninstalled everything your comp has been fucked up, I have had the same problem. The only thing that helped for me was formatting and reinstalling WinXp.


Speaking from personal nightmare, don’t think you should mix EZ CD Creator and Nero together. Choose one! I chose Nero.

There still might be hope without reformatting your harddrive (if you had not already done so). You will first need to clean up all the existing Roxio and Ahead… stuff in your computer (in the registry). I think this is where your problem is-- not being able to clean everything up.
Then decide which one you want to install, and update the ASPI layer accordingly (it should be corrupted by now from the previous installing and uninstalling). Last, install the software.

If things are working by now, congradulations.
If you are still screwed, then reply. Let’s run thru the whole thing from there.


Its been a few weeks since I last posted. Let me give you a rundown whats happened since then.

I reinstalled Windows XP on my Inspiron 8100. This went pretty smooth. I then reinstalled the drivers that came on CDROM with my Dell. I did not however reinstall Easy CD Creator.

I then installed the latest Nero. I tested it and it worked fine. I then installed CloneCD and it also seemed to work fine. At this point everything seemed to be working really well I figured I solved the problem.

However over the next week or so my Sony CRX810E CD-RW/DVD started to act up a little. It started getting a few bad burns but things seemed to be almost random. I tried to figure out if I had changed anything on my machine and the only thing I could think of was I had a program called “Autoplay” by Basically it is a medical cdrom that runs off the CD. You just put it in the drive and the autoplay program launches and the app plays. It apparently does install a few files on the harddrive. The disks I have are quite old (Windows 95 era).

Because things were still sort of working, I was reluctant to reinstall everything again at this point. So I continued to use my computer like this for a few weeks. Finally after a couple more bad burns (with a few good ones as well) I decided it was time to reinstall one more time and see if this “autoplay” program was at fault. Now it gets real interesting…

I initially tried booting from the XP install disk, but this wasn’t working at all. The computer was not recognizing the disk. In fact if I booting from the harddrive and put in the CD, it wasn’t being recognized. I reinstalled the CRX810E driver (by deleting it). This didn’t immediately work. However after a few more reboots all of a sudden the icon showed up. (Again, seemingly random). I ran the Windows XP setup and finally I was able to reinstall. But this time reinstalling did not solve the problems. When I put my Dell Drivers CD into the drive, it sputtered and didn’t do anything. About 10 tries later it finally recognized the disk. I was able to install a couple of things but then it didn’t work anymore.

The same thing happened with Microsoft Office. Again the CD was initially recognized, but after a few reboots it finally was recognized and I managed to get Office installed.

I also downloaded and reinstalled Nero and CloneCD. Both are not working because of problems recognizing media. They do recognize that I have a CRX810E.

My feeling now is that I must have a hardward problem. I suspect my CRX810E is defective. I would have thought that reinstalling should have solved the problem if it was software based. I am probably going to call Dell on Monday but I am dreading trying to explain this to the Dell tech support people. They will probably want me to reinstall Easy CD Creator…

Do you guys agree that this is probably a hardware problem? Anything else that I should try?



Test the cdroms under plain MS-DOS first.

If it’s completely working under ms-dos with an MSCDEX and you can read all your cd’s , it’s not a hardware problem.

I have found one way to at least be able to have the drive recognize a CD. Here is what I did:

I installed Blindwrite and the Patin-Coufin layer. I then rebooted. At this point the drive recognized the CD in it and I was able to install an app off of it. I then rebooted again and I was back to not having the disk be recognized. I then opened up the Patin-Coufin control panel and switch from Patin-Coufin to the ASPI option. I then rebooted and once again the CD in the drive was recognized. I then rebooted again and once again the CD was not recognized. Switching back to Patin-Coufin (via control panel) and rebooting fixed the problem again, until the next reboot.

What a crazy problem…

I just got off the phone with Dell tech support. The person I talked to thought that it definitely sounded like a hardware problem and agreed immediately to send me a new CRX810E.

It is supposed to come in the next 48hours. I’ll post and let you know if this fixes the problem. If it doesn’t, then I am really going to need some serious help from you guys!



Well I got my replacement drive from Dell last Wednesday. I have burnt a few disks with Nero and CloneCD since then. I have also installed a number of apps and played a few games. So far the new drive is working perfectly.

Quite a relief to be perfectly honest! I’m glad that this turned out to be a hardware problem b/c I really didn’t feel like doing another clean install.



I’ve got a grx550 sony lap top with cdrw combo drive. It does recognize all types of c.d.s/dvds/musicc.d.s/ but the drive will not permit me to burn a c.d. It does not recognize cdr nor cdrw. I have spent hours on sony tech line and there bottom line is to recover. I really want more options. If anyone can help?

I have tried install and unistall drivers. I have never tried other software like nero burning.


If anyone has this driver I would appreciate it being emailed to me.

I have a Sony VAIO laptop that has a Sony CRX810E DVD/CDRW combo drive.
I installed Nero and it blew out my burner driver.
I can’t seem to find this driver anywhere.
When I go into the control panel there is a discrepancy with this piece of equipment.
It sees the correct drive but I can’t see it in Windows Explorer and if I pop in a cd it doesn’t do anything.