Need Help Backing up The Hulk DVD

I have been trying to backup The Hulk DVD movie with Alcohol 120%, DVDDecrypter and SmartRipper all of which encounter errors. Does anyone have a step by step process for this specific movie?

Try RipIt4Me with DVD Decrypter


Usually translates as “I’m lazy and i heard that you can take me by the hand and guide me to the dark path of backuping movies without confusing me with long sentences and technical words like: dvd, computer and software”

Then again, i may be dead wrong and just a bitter bitter sad old man.

Hey guys. I’m having the same problem backing up the hulk. I have already tried everything the first poster did and also tried your suggestion of ripit4me with dvd decrypter as well as DVD Fab. I keep hitting walls with this one. I will admit I am somewhat new to making backups. Any suggestions from the pros?

Try DVDFab HD Decrypter. Smartripper and DVD Decrypter are no longer updated.

Is DVDFab HD Decrypter fails to read it, it could be a scratched disc or possibly a newer protection.

Try A-One DVD copy + AnyDVD ripper to decode, this should work I’ve used this to back up alot of dvds.

I tried DVD Fab…is the HD version different? Also, I think the Hulk DVD is dated 2003… maybe my disc is a little scratched.

Please tell us exactly what problems you’re encountering. What error messages appear? When do they appear? Does the burning process fail…?

We need some specific information to help with the diagnosis.

The disc may be dirty and/or scratched because I havemade a backup copy of the Hulk using DVDFab Platinum and the DVDFab HD Decrypter can also do it which I just used today

There are a few scratches on the disc. All the different sofware I have tried seems to fail in the same place. So, I am going get another copy just to make sure that the problem is the disc being scratched. If this does not work I will list the specific errors I am experiencing. Thanks for all your responses so far.