Need help backing up psx games



i’m new to using clone cd. i was just wondering if you can use cd clone to back up psx games? if you can, can anybody tell me what settings to use? does clone cd make coasters? also which cdr’s are better to use, memorex black, or verbatim high media? please help


CloneCD Settings:

-SubChannel Data from Audio Tracks -> ON
-SubChannel Data from Data Tracks -> ON

-Don’t Repair SubChannel Data -> ON

These settings are the only right ones… CloneCD does not make coasters as long as you use proper hardware and good CD-R’s. Some PSX have problems with playing back-ups, especially when they’re quite old. A good CD-R for PlayStation back-ups would be the Philips Silver Premium discs but if you have a newer PSX almost all media will be ok. You just have to try and see.

Note: Of course you need a MOD-chip to play back-ups on you PSX…


i’m making psx backups with a samsung burner, i just want to know if it will work with clone cd? i read some where that some burners don’t work with clone cd. could some one please tell me.


Check out the CloneCD Hardware Requirements… For PSX you need a burner that can read (form both data and audio) and write RAW96.