Need help backing up my Pete Tong movie

Hi guys,
This is my first post on this site. I work in data cleanup and information management for an aftermarket company.

I recently purchased “It’s All Gone Pete Tong” and am having difficulty backing it up. I have used a variety of different tools including AnyDVD with DVDShrink, CloneDVD2, VOB Blanker, Nero and a few others. My system keeps tripping on the same file "16_2.VOB. Sony pictures distributes this item and it appears to have the best copy protection I’ve seen yet. Here is my system info:

P4 2.4
Sony DRU-700A (w/latest firmware update)
Genuine Windows XP PRO SP2

Let me know of some other tools that may work, or if anyone has this title and have repaired it.
THX :confused:

The latest version of AnyDVD should be able to cope with the latest Sony DVD copy protections. You sure you got the latest version?

It’s all Gone Pete Tong is not a very new movie. I ripped it with the anydvd that was current at the time of it’s release (which was months ago so who knows whatversion that was)

anydvd should have no problem with this title.

if it still doesn’t work then your issue is not copy protection, it’s a damaged disc or manufacturing defect.

Is the disc new? What version of anydvd are you using?

Is this is an ‘orange/red’ ARccOS protected disc? If so it might be worth slowing your burner down. I have a Sony 710-UL and it will not rip ARccOS discs at high speed. If I use AnyDVD to set the drive speed to Slow and Quiet it will read the disc no problem.

I used AnyDvd and I recently tried DVDFab (on another computer/burner)…same file has problem. I’m sure it’s ARccOS protection. I will try slowing the speed down abrown. Thanks for all the suggestions and for any more to come after this. The disk has not a single scratch.

wow you tried all thsoe programs and none of them works!?!? thats really odd and they’re all up to date.

  • dvd decrypter 1.4.5 something i fergot the version
  • try using clonedvd

those are my last 2 resorts that you can use

Agree with reasonsnotrules, it’s looking more and more like a bad disc. If it’s possible, I’d try to exchange it.