Need Help Backing Up Monkey Island 3+4!Classic :]

Hi guys!
hehe…pretty weird huh? When all these new games and protections come out …i open this nostalgic thread…
Well…part of you might have fond memories of this Amazing Saga of classic games…well i have too! This is why i bought these original copies off Ebay.
I wanna play them but i need to put the game disc all times!
Moreover, In Monkey Island 3, Only a few files are copied to hard drive …but the game runs straight from the CD drive.
I tried making an iso image using alcohol but it still seeks for the CD!
I dunno what kind of protection that is…but i dont think its anything sophisticated! these games came out in like 1997 and 2000!..

Please? Anyone? Help?
Arrrggg ya matey!
Thanx! :bow:
Guybrush Threepwood… :]

Scan with A-Ray scanner and let us know the protection, if any, used.

heh…thanx for the tip dude…
well…as i assumed…A-Ray doesnt come up with any protection [as these are games from the end of the 90’s :]
Now the problem is that the game still seeks for the CD rom!
I did make a copy of Monkey Island 3 and it works… but i still dont wanna hear the noise of my cd-rom while i play…
so why is the game not accepting my image if its unprotected?..
[tried cd-hide allready :]

EDIT: D’oh looks like you made it work already.

As for the iso, did you mount it to a virtual drive first using something like Daemon Tools or Alcohol’s built in virtual drive? I think that earlier games may tie a shortcut to run off the drive the game was installed from, so just go to the shortcut and edit the "Run " path to the letter of your virtual drive.

WoW dude!
Great Thinking! nice u came up with this idea…but it seems like i dont find how to do this technically…
i go to the main folder and right click the EXE file… i get no executing description.
I then go to the desktop …and rightclick the shortcut for that EXE file… and i do see the description twice:
under “TARGET”
and under “START IN”
should i change any of that? …is there something i dunno? where i should check to edit the “disk checking” ?
thanx dude :]

What the above means is:
If you have CloneCD, nero or other decnt copying software, extract the images to the HD.

Mount the images into the virtual drive (virtual clone drive is free, daemon tools is also free, and nero image drive can mount nero/iso images) - then install from the virtual drive.

If you install from (lets say virtual drive “K”) it will always look for the disks in that “K” drive.

Monkey 3 has no copy protection. Monkey 4 has bugger all also :slight_smile:

I’ve archived all my games like that onto a DVD’s as clonecd images. It is easier to carry around a small portable folder of DVD’s then 40 blooming boxes with 100’s of cd’s & manuals & hatever :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, you change both the TARGET and START IN to the drive letter of your virtual drive in the shortcut. Also, sometimes there is already a shortcut created in the game directory, so I would go change that and replace all of the shortcuts for the game. Of course you could just do what debro said and just mount it on the virtual drives and reinstall, since that would be easier, although it would take a little more time because you would have to reinstall the game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, if you want, image the CD’s & mount it with the virtual clone drive.

Then you can right click on “my computer” -> Manage -> +Storage -> Logical Disk Manager

Right click on your real drive & “change the drive letter” to something else.
Right click on the virtual drive & “change the drive letter” to the real cdroms original drive letter.

Saves a reinstall.