Need help backing up Aliens v Pred 2

Hi all

I have a pile of frisbees 9 CD’s high… but still no working copy (backup) of Aliens v Preditor 2

The settings i used were

Read Speed: 4x
Read SubChannel Data from Data Tracks: Yes
Read SubChannel Data from Audio Tracks: Yes
Fast Error Skip: No
Don’t report read errors: No
Intelligent Bad Sector Scanner: No

Write Speed: 8x
Don’t repair SubChannel Data: No
Amplify weak sectors: No
Write Simulation: No
Buffer Underrun Protection: Yes
Close session: Yes

It doesn’t auto run from the DVD or the Liteon24102b
(Hide CD Media On).

Help would be much appreciated

whats the protection on this game?

Originally posted by oaky_88
whats the protection on this game?
Securom NEW I believe. Both the SubChannel Data read options ticked should have done the trick. Were there any (read-)errors reported in the CloneCD log file? Maybe the disc was smudged/scratched?

AVP2 have sd2 protection, so if your burner doesn’t support correct EFM encoding, try to use Amplify weak sectors…

but you have liteon and that driver should handle sd2, It can be problem with your cdrs… do you run game in your burner? I recommed to use burner to burn cds and run cd without protection. I have toshiba cdrom drive and that is good, if you don’t have get new cdrom! =)

if you still have problems I can help you.

You may try this:

Worked for that guy at least :wink:

No read errors in the log G@M3FR3@K (post below)
and the CD looked pretty good to me.

Yes the Liteon doesn’t need AWS
defiz its Securom New on AVP2
it burns SD2 fine no probs… thanks anyway.

I tried those settings OC-Freak but still a no go.
A question though. The original CD is 63mins long,
can Securom New detectthe size of disk
I burn on 80 min Traxdata CDR 16x can it read
the TOC ?
Thought only burners could do this…

This might be a possible cause of the problem …
I loaded BlindWrite 3.0 and it locks up the comp.
I told it to use the aspi layer on win ME
(force aspi 4.60[1021]) as soon as it loads these
drivers it locks up have to reboot . So i used the
patin-couffin driver that comes with BW … now i can
run the program so i put in AVP2 and write to
C:\ … read just sits at 1% 12 mins into the burn
the Liteon gives small reads every min but the hard
disk is screaming … no way!
so i abort the read … Thoughts on this?
CloneCD and Nero work fine


I 22:13:20 ElbyCDIO.dll
I 22:13:20 CCDDriver.dll
I 22:13:20 ElbyECC.dll
I 22:13:20 Searching for SCSI/ATAPI devices…
I 22:13:20 Device Scan found 1 CD-ROMs and 1 CD-Writers!
I 22:13:20 Registered to: xxxxxx
I 22:15:13 Starting copy from LITE-ON LTR-24102B to C:\ CD Temp\Aliens1.CCD
I 22:15:13 Read Speed: 16x
I 22:15:13 Read SubChannel Data from Data Tracks: Yes
I 22:15:13 Read SubChannel Data from Audio Tracks: Yes
I 22:15:13 Fast Error Skip: No
I 22:15:13 Don’t report read errors: No
I 22:15:13 Intelligent Bad Sector Scanner: No
I 22:15:13 CD contains CD-Text: No
I 22:15:15 Reading Track 1… (Blocks 0-284511)
I 22:19:14 Duration of operation: 00:04:00
I 22:19:14 Reading finished!

I 22:22:23 Starting copy from C:\ CD Temp\Aliens1.CCD to LITE-ON LTR-24102B
I 22:22:23 Write Speed: 8x
I 22:22:23 Don’t repair SubChannel Data: No
I 22:22:23 Amplify weak sectors: No
I 22:22:23 Write Simulation: No
I 22:22:23 Buffer Underrun Protection: Yes
I 22:22:24 Writing Session 1 LeadIn…
I 22:22:51 Writing Session 1 image file…
I 22:30:45 Writing Session 1 LeadOut…
I 22:30:49 Flushing buffers…
I 22:30:49 Duration of operation: 00:08:25
I 22:30:50 Writing finished!

Thanks for your help … i know my Liteon can do this so has to be somthing else in the background mabey?
Any advice…

Using a Sony CRX-140, CloneCD, I was able to make a working backup. It is secuROM new, no read errors. Check Both read sub data, the rest of the settings at default. I tested the copy by removeing AvP from my comp then reinstalling using my backup.

Try it with Don’t repair SubChannel Data set to Yes. I’ve been reading a lot on these new Securom games with the Lite-On 24102B and a lot of people are having problems. Please let me know if it works!

Thanks G@M3FR3@K

I’ll give it a go … updates soon.

Its a no go i am afraid G@M3FR3@K . I’ll keep at it though

any other thoughts?

GCW says the protection is CD CHECKS so try
what clony suggested for CD CHECKS
everything except dont report read errors

i got a Sanyo 12x11x32x and i used CloneCD. Any read speed should be fine, check read both subs, fast error skip w/software corrections, amplify weak sectors (it cant hurt even if u have a lite on) any burn speed with dont repair subs. then if u can use cloak cd-r option in CCD (i dont need it even when i play with my cd-r drive) i got a working back-up but if u still have problems look for Clony Hope this helps