Need help backing up a TAGES protected CD

I just bought Mapsend topo canada and I want to backup the original. I will detail the procedure below and I would beg those who have the knowledge to help me if they could.

First I made a clonecd image making sure it read sub channel data. It gave me 3 files

1 Topo_Canada.ccd
2 Topo_Canada.img
3 Topo_Canada.sub

Then I ran TwinRange on the original cd and it returned the following
“Twin Sector range runs from 287852 to 288113”

After that I executed,

twindump e: 287852 50 range1
which create 2 files “range1_A.bin” and “range1_B.bin”
the echo back from this command was the following,
Reading A range… done.
Looking for twin sectors…
analyzed range 287852-287902 :
found 49 twin sectors in range 287852-287901.
dumping 50 sectors… done.

then I executed,

twindump e: 288113 50 range2
which created 2 more files “range2_A.bin” and “range2_B.bin”
the echo back from this command was the following,
Reading A range… done.
Looking for twin sectors…
analyzed range 288113-288163 :
found 4 twin sectors in range 288113-288116.
dumping 50 sectors… done.

I did a hex search of the clonecd image and confirmed that both range1A.bin and range2_A.bin were both in the clonecd image and range1_B.bin and range2_B.bin were not in the clonecd image.

I proceeded to execute the following,
twinsert P 0 Topo_Canada range1_B.bin step1
which created a step1.img and step1.sub file

Then I executed,
twinsert P 50 step1 range2_B.bin step2
which created the 2 next files step2.img and step2.sub

This is the point where I am lost. I don’t know what range to cut the 50 sectors from.

Could someone please point me in the wrong direction and/or tell me if I did it right so far. Many thanks

Hey there and welcome to CDFs!
Have you looked at this thread? Its a good start.


yes that is where I got this far, hehehe I read the article again and found that I should keep a 1/3 to 2/3 ratio in the twinsector range so I cut my step2 image at
((288113-287852)/3)+288113+50 which gives me 287989 but when I do a imganalyze final I get

Opening final.img : 304228 sectors.
Opening final.sub : 304228 sectors -> ok
000000 -> 287901
287852 -> 287938
287989 -> 288162
288113 -> 304177

the sub portion has like a hundred lines in it, it was supposed to be the same as the IMG as far as I can tell from the ttools.txt file in spath’s tools.

Hehe well sorry but I have never encountered TAGES so I have never had to deal with it. I thorth that could point right direction. I would PM Spath and ask him if chould have a look @ this thread.


Thank you so very much, I re-read the Tages article and got some more ideas and search some more on the forum but still no luck with this one.

pbc33 has the same Twinrange as me and I tried different variations of his method and I too am at a loss to get a correct image to analyze correctly.

I tried to follow this method but alas I was not able to as well. There must be something I am doing wrong.

If spath would be so kind as to review my method and make possible recommendation I would be forever greatful.

I my first post in this thread it says

I did a hex search of the clonecd image and confirmed that both range1A.bin and range2_A.bin were both in the clonecd image and range1_B.bin and range2_B.bin were not in the clonecd image.

actually when double checking my procedure I had made a mistake and it is actually the reverse of the quote above but alas the results were the same. :frowning:

For everyone’s information if it will help find a solution to my problem, I executed the twinwrange command and it echo’d back
Twin Sector range runs from 287852 to 288113

but if I run twindump e: 287840 300 TempRange it echos that it found 264 twin sectors in range 287852-288116

Hope this info can help someone to find a solution so I can make a working copy.

Are there different versions of Tages? It doesnt have a version number after it like SafeDisc/SecuROM/StarForce. But does this mean that all Tages protected CDs are using identicle protection methods?

There have been different versions. With newest spath’s method is not working anymore…

This mapsend software that I am trying to copy is at least 12 months old, at the very least I would settle for a nocd crack but unfortunately I having found one for Mapsend Topo Canada anywhere

i searched the fairly large database at and came up empty handed :frowning:

Spath many thanks forst off for writing the Wonderful article on the TAGES protection, I’ve spent many hours reading it and re-reading and re-re-reading it(you get the picture). I am trying to backup a tages protected CD called Mapsend topo canada. Twinrange.exe stated the twin sector range was from 287852 to 288113. Twindump found the range to be 287852-288116 for 265 twin sectors.

Guys how did you determine which twin sectors the software watchdog was looking for? This CD was release over 12 months ago and is probably has the old TAGES and could be backedup but I cannot find to determine which twinsectors modify to satisfy the software watchdog. For XIII CD2 there was 4 sectors needed but alas I cannot find which I need for this CD.

Can anyone help here please.

PS sorry for being a pest.

Why the second thread started, you already have one going for this very same thing, no need for a second thread.

Red Light! No requests for or discussion of specific cracks on this forum thank you. Read the forum rules.

Further requests for/discussion of a crack for this program will lead to the thread being closed and the offending member/s warned/banned (depending on the severity of the offence). :cop:

With latest modified Spath tages tools, Tages is still backup-able. The actual problem with Tages is that they have increased the number of twin sector, and have shorten some checks. Ranges should be shorter and in greater number. It is a pain, i know, but as i said, modified spath tools will do the job.


If your drive(s) will fail starting your patched image with Spath’s tools, you could try VirtualCD 7
Users claim they made working Tages backups (or mountable images, don’t remember exactly); haven’t tried myself

I just wanted this one generic question answered on which twin sectors the software watchdog checks and how one searches for them like on article137.

Sorry in retrospect maybe I could have used the other thread as well but I didn’t want to start confusing the other thread with many different questions in a long thread. If the forum option exist maybe an admin could merge the 2 thread if it wold be acceptable.

Sorry for offending anyone about discussing a nocd crack, I guess it was not well worded as it was not my intention to ask someone to find one. Please a moderator could delete that post and the following one if they so chose.

again sorry

I forgot to mention: The ‘important’ option to check is ‘Verification of each data sector’;
From the manual: “Some special formats store multiple
instances of a single sector on a CD, with different contents in each instance.
When you activate this option, Virtual CD reads the source CD
again from back to front at the end of the “build” process, comparing the
sectors to detect these differences.
This means a considerable increase in the amount of time spent
reading the source CD. Since this type of special format is not
particularly widespread, this option should be selected only when
you are sure it is necessary”

Depending on your hardware, the ‘amount of time’ may differ very much

Thanks Terramex I will try this.