Need help backing up a copy protected DVD

Hi all,

I first tried to copy disk to disk using the program that was on my computer. It said çannot copy disk…copy protected’.

then I downloaded a dvd ripper off the net '‘SmartRipper"’. This program ripped all the files in the ‘Video_TS’folder of the DVD to my hard drive. The Áudio_TS’ folder on the DVD was empty and I didnt see any prompts to copy from that folder. Anyway, I have the dvd files on my hard drive now, they are all there with the same number of Bytes.

Now I tried to burn this to a DVD using another program that I got off the net called Ámazing CD and DVD burner’. It burned the files to the DVD. Problem is this: the DVD that is burned does not autoplay when I put it in my computer DVD tray or when I put it in my DVD player so I can watch it on TV. I can play files on the computer by clicking on them individually but the other DVD player says çannot play’. This is far from from being like a real DVD disk. How do I get the DVD to autoplay?

Its okay when the audio ts folder is empty. You should first search this forum for lots of info. There are free programs you can try dvd fab free , dvd shrink, dvd decryptor. I think theres a new program called ripit4me at I like anydvd with clonedvd from They have a 21 day trial. good luck.

Okay I have downloaded those programs, but I still need help. Could you or anyone walk me through the steps? Situation is this. I have a DVD disk of which I want to make a copy. I think the disk is copy protected. What are the steps I need to take to create a working copy of the disk, so that the copy can also play in a regular DVD player (connected to the TV).

Thanks in advance

What programs did you download?? I listed 6. What dvd writer do you have and what media ?? There are many tutorials on this forum if you search for them. Added what dvd are you trying to backup??


I have downloaded the ripit4me program. But I dont know what steps to take to copy the DVD. Can you walk me through the steps. Or is there another program that you would find easier to walk me through the steps?

hello sccotton,

I finally was able to run ripit4me and I got the dvd copied to my hard disk. Now how do I copy that to another dvd so the new dvd will work in a standalone player also, that is, it will autorun after I put it into the dvd drawer?

I asked you a few posts ago-What dvd are you backing up with what dvd drive and media. Do you have nero or other software.??

Hi, Sorry I didnt reply with all the details cause I didnt know what they were. I have an HP DVD writer that came installed in my computer. The software \i first tried was nero, but it didnt work, doesnt recognize the DVD writer. I then tried Record now but it wont make a disk to disk copy as the disk is copy protected, although it could see the drive. It doesnt read from the hard drive though. Then I downloaded some software of the net, Amazing CD & DVD Burner and Click’n’burn CD & DVD, which read from the hard drive and also can see the DVD burner drive.
Then I ripped the DVD onto my hard drive with ripit4me.
Now I want to burn them to the DVD. I am using DVD+R media. The DVD Im trying to copy is one I own, a sherlock holmes mystery.

I tried burning it to the DVD before but the burnt DVD wont play in my standalone player and nor will it autoplay in the computer DVD

What am I doing wrong

man, if you want crack a dvd, use dvddecrypter, google it, and install it.(or go on, dvdshrink, and everything is explained…)

then u just have to insert your dic and make a copy on ur HDD.

then u ll need oto make a compression, probably ur disc(original files) is around 7gig, and u want copy it on a dvd+r of 4.7G, right?

so use dvd shrink.

everything is indicated on, study how to do it…

hope this help.

I like the combo of anydvd and clonedvd from They have a 21day trial and if you purchase by july 31 using the promo code birthday you will get $10 off. Anydvd runs in the background and you use clonedvd to back up your dvd. Just select the middle to do movie with all the extras. You just have to tell clonedvd where the dvd is probably your d drive. Its easy to use in my opinion. Good luck.


I downloaded the dvdshrink program. I followed the tutorial as much as I could, but for some reason I cant get it copied. The original DVD is 4.3GB so it can fit on another DVD disk.

This is what \i did with the dvdshrink program:
Clicked on open disk to select drive with original dvd (E:)
The program did all the analyzing and stuff. Went though without error.
Then I clicked on backup and selected the dvd writer drive for the backup and clicked on okay. The software started buffering the original dvd, and went all the way through almost till just before the end and hung. So it never really got around to writing to the new disk.

How can this be solved?

I couldnt read the whole tutorial in cause it didnt display properly.