Need Help Asap!



i got a canon iPiXMA 3000 and i just installed new ink cartridges , now it will only let me print black and white for some reason ?

i checked over everything and all seems right what can i be the problem?


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This is the same issue that you posted before, your color nozzles are not firing.
If it fails the nozzle check test, then you don’t have a lot of options. Remove the head assembly and clean all the contacts on the back. If that fails, then you could have a dead print head or something far worse. The IP3000 isn’t really worth the cost of buying a new head ($50), especially if it doesn’t fix it.
The IP3500 or IP4500 are cheap to buy, however they do use chipped ink tanks.

My suspicion is that the printer has issues beyond a dead or clogged head.