Need help ASAP! (Plextor 708a self-test)



Suddenly my Plextor 708a can’t write faster than 1x using Taiyo Yuden DVD’s. My question is how long does the self-test take to complete?

-D j K i l l a-

P.S. I’m using the latest firmware 1.08 and everything is set to DMA (Ultra DMA Mode 5). I’m using Windows XP.


no idea how long it takes but shouldn’t be much more than a few mins. opening the case, switching jumpers, etc. is the big pain, not the self-test itself.


Thanks for replying drpino!

UPDATE: I completely removed the Plextor and discovered it wasn’t set to Master. I decided to run the self-test anyway and it took approximately 30-40 minutes. Strangely it seems the blank DVD that I inserted for the test was burned (with what I have no idea but I guess it was part of the test). When the test was done, the tray ejected and there was no flashing lights indicating there was no problem with the Plextor. I set it to Master and connected everything, now the Plextor is burning at 4x again.

-D j K i l l a-


glad you got it sorted…if you read the manual, it states that a blank piece of media will be written to…you had to have read some of the manual i assume to execute the self-test…unless you read how to do it elsewhere.


The test should take 9-10 minutes. A good test will eject the disc, a bad test should blink 1 or 2 times