Need Help after Firmware KS0B for 1693s upgrade broke my lvw-500x recorder

I recently replaced the original drive in my lvw-5007 w/tv guide with a 1693s drive. The original drive would no longer record .The new drive was running the KSOA firmware. Everything went fine, and I was able to record again, but it wouldn’t play commercial Cd’s ?! So when KSOB firmware came out for the 1693s, I took it out of the liteon and upgraded it in my computer.

I put it back in the 5007 and it seemed to work, and serial # showed KS0B, but when I went to the TV Guide, it was corrupted - there was no data and it looked screwy.

Everything went downhill from there.

I decided to reload the 5007 firmware by using the cd to “fix” the problem, but I had read here to put the original drive back in before performing a firmware upgrade, so I did. With the original drive back in , the system wouldn’t boot right, and would go into a “hello” loop displaying tv for a few seconds and then restarting. I was never able to reload the 5007 firmware.

After this, the system starting rebooting after turning on -even after I put the 1693 drive back in. It now says “hello” and then turns on for a few seconds, displays the tv and then reboots and does this over and over!

So, I need help - is there a jumper or a battery I can pull to make it go through the initial setup? Maybe this would help fix it. I think reinstalling the lnka1040 would help fix the problem, but I can’t because it reboots before I can load the disk with the firmware for the liteon recorder unit.

Also, why would upgrading the firmware on the drive cause the tv guide and the unit to go screwy?

If nothing else I guess this is a warning to not load KSOB if you have a 1693s in your liteon. The only problem I had with the KSOA is that it wouldn’t play commercial disks , but would record fine and tv guide worked…

What did I do wrong? Should I have loaded the liteon firmware prior to putting in the updated KS0B drive? Thats the only thing I can think of…which would have forced it to go through the setup again.

whew. I guess I hacked it to the point that it just doesn’t work anymore.

Please any help or sympathy would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Have you tried putting in the 1040 disk with the power off using the manual eject, and then powering it up?

Yes, it won’t load because something is triggering a reboot before the disk can load. Maybe I shorted it out somehow?

ok.just in case this happens to anyone else. I managed to get the unit working again. I pressed some buttons with no disk in the unit (probably stop or eject) and it prompted mee to put in disk on lcd. I put in firmware and it read “F-up”. Which i immedialty thought , “yes it is”… :slight_smile: So i put in firmware and now it works. Still doesn’t play commercial disks very well, but records again!

thanks… hope this helps somebody else with rebooting problems on liteons

The on/off problem is due to corrupted firmware.
Here is a quick fix for this problem… unplug the 5007, hold down the STOP button and plug it back in… (this is probably what you did without knowing it)
after a while the drve tray will open with a prompt on the display to insert a cd…

Did you do your upgrade with the 1693 installed?? or the original drive? (just curious, i’m thinking about a drive upgrade myself)…

how well did the 1693 fit in the case? I’m wondering if I should do the switch, i’d like to preserve the original face plate… some pics of your fitting would be real nice to see… not much info on the 5007 replacements…

I almost forgot… have you set the region code on your 1693? That would explain why you can’t play commercial disks…