Need help after bad flashing

i flashed my LG GCC-4480B and it went fine until i restarted my computer. now it wont boot with the drive plugged in and ive tried flashing it by pluggging it in after boot and flashing with mtkflash but nuthing works. Mtkflash just freezes and i have 2 reset da computer. Any1 know wot 2 do. :sad:

See the recover link in my sig, i think it should also work for your drive, but i would suggest you work with mtkflash 1.80 and not 1.80.1.

you can also find a dos based firmware for your drive @ the dangerous bros. homepage.

you can find mtkflash1.80 @ dhc014´s firmwarepage there you can find also a nice tool for calculating the flash command.

ive tried all of that but mtkflash doesnt seem to see my drive when i plug it in after the bios screen and it just freezes when i try to flash it.