Need help/advice selecting new software

I just got a new PC and I need some new software for burning DVD/CD’s. I was looking at Roxio Easy Meida Creator, but read some bad reviews about it. Has any one used 1-Click DVD copy?? If so how does it work?? Also what about Nero? I plan on buring picture/data CD’s, video/data DVD’s, and music CD’s mostly. What’s some of the better software do do all this??

Thanks for any help or advice.

for burning what you describe u wanna burn - i suggest Nero 6 Ultra Edition. u might wanna wait until Oct 16 when Nero 7 is released - but from what i have seen, Nero 7 ain’t that great.

Thanks for the reply!

Anyone use 1-Click DVD Copy, or know if it works fairly well?


Suggest that you do a 21 day trial of AnyDvd / CloneDVD2 / CloneCd available at

If you decide to purchase the combo of the three - it will be only slightly more than 1 click DVD by itself-


Everybody has their own set of software that they like. If you do a search on the forum you will find all kinds of software that works well.

I like DVDFAB since it removes Accros copy protection. 1click DVD, DVD Cloner II, DVD43, cloneDVD will not remove newer copy protection, I have found this out over the last few weeks. I am sure these software packages will update and get the removal engine for accros copy protected discs, its just a matter of time.

Regarding only burning function what do you think about new tool ImgBurn?