Need Help Adding Track Marks With Nero 6



Hi Need help adding track marks on a set which I have At the moment it is 1 long track, need to split and save with the track marks. I use Nero 6


From within Nero, you can rightclick an added track and got to “splits & indices” and add track splits there.

Alternately, I’ve used exactaudiocopy, setting out markers in the “process wav” function, and saving as a cuesheet (burn as a cue image with nero, or with any of the freeware programs that support cuesheet - can even burn it with exactaudiocopy)


I’m quiet new to this, can you PLEASE tell me how exactly I would do this. I have the track saved on my hard drive


Ok, I’ll insert a track into my Nero 6 SE (works like the full, not the Express)

It’s in the compilation window, as track 1

Rightclick, and select PROPERTIES … never realized that alt-Enter was a shortcut for that.

Change the pause to 0 first, otherwise all the splits will have a 2 second pause as well.

Select the “Indexes, Limits, Split” tab at the top of the popup display, you should see a an audio waveform view, where you can judge the quiet positions by eye, you can also zoom in, and play segments etc.

Mark the postion with the mouse, then hit the SPLIT button - you can move the inserted split with the mouse. After placing as many splits as you want, when you ok it, the track will be divided in the compilation window.

Seems to work the same way in Nero Express view as well.


Thanks for your help… Going to give it ago:)