Need help adding hardware



ok this is the stiuation, i have a pentium 4, 2.0Ghz processor running windows XP, with 256mb of ram. it has 7900a NEC cd burner. i just boought a nec 3500a dvd burner. when i plugged it in the first time i did not have the pin settings it did not work then, i ended up disconnecting the cd burner and putting the dvd burner as master. it kept giving me an error that it cannot read the driver or the driver was corrupt when i tried to install it. i noticed that the cd burner’s pin setting was on CSEL, so i tried putting that setting on the dvd burner, same result, needless to say i tried every posible combination of pinsettings. i put everything back like it was with just the cd burner in there , it gives the same error on the cd burner as it did on the dvd burner. ive been completly though the trouble shooting guide and it is no good. i checked the dma setting and it was good. i just dont know what else to do
any help would be appreciated


for anybody that might have the same problem or something simular like the drives just disappearing and wont reload go to this site;en-us;320553
you have to delete some files in the registry