Need help about split a DVD-9 into two DVD discs

Hi all,i got a problem after split my dvd9 to two dvd discs.I’m currently using dvd fab platinum split it,after i success split it i try open by using windvd it can watch but i dont know why it can’t fast forward.And before this i try intervideo dvd copy too,it’s also same problem. :sad: :sad: :sad: Did anyone got this problem?Or what program did you guys use for split dvd9 to two dvd discs.
Please help,thanks in advance. :bow: :bow: :bow:

To split a dvd9 into 2 discs in my opinion the best choice is dvd shrink: simple to use and free. Moreover, with shrink you can choose the exact point where to break the movie, and can also leave all menus if you want (i prefer leave only main movie and get rid of menus).

My vote goes to elby CloneDVD2. Not free, but better if you wish to keep the menus for scene selection, etc.

I did it only once using CloneDVD2 have had no problems there

clone dvd, preserve menus, select wich extras you would like to have on disk 1,
press scissor under preview window, select chapters for disk 1, burn

go back to this selection screen press right button over the titles selection screen
choose invert selection burn 2nd disk

If using CloneDVD2,how about the quality if compare with other split software?

The quality is the same as the original disc, because when you split there will be no quality loss at all. As CloneDVD will always create correctly mastered Video DVDs, both parts will play correctly in all players (as long as they accept the media).

DvdReMake (Pro) will give you the most flexibility splitting DVD9 into two disks.