Need help!A old FW!



Where i can find the old GSC2 firmware for 451S@851S???
I really need it!


GSC2 isn’t a real liteon firmware, there’s only GS0x for the 851s and GSBx for the 451s…
which one do you need?
bin file or .exe flasher?


I think it is a .exe file.
I have it on my comp, but it seems like don’t have it anymore.


for 451 or 851s? you can also use 832s firmware!


Thats why i need a GSC2!Beacuse i have flashed my drive with that one, but now will try with 832S, and if i misflashed that new one, i can ewery time go back.


oh, ok. here’s what to do:

download this app:
run it and backup your firmware, it’s easy. you can also flash back with this app.

832S CG5G firmware:

that’s it!


Yes, it seems like very easy, but i’m new to all this and can not find out how to backup my FW wich is SCG2?And if something go wrong how to backup my old FW???


I was very happy with my FW!I did many copys with Princos on 4x speed and did not have problems.But i got som Fuji-Taio yuden or something like this, and media is 8x.
I did burned with 8x speed but got some crap out of copy.


start the program, klick “browse”, choose folder and filename, save, tick “backup” and then “start”.
now you can flash with the 832s firmware.

if you ever want to flash back (there’s really no need to) just run the program again, click browse, select the previously saved firmware, tick update, update bootcode and then start.


Thnx a LOT.
Just tell me wich one of patched files should i use???
Patched-CF-Sonyid.exe or Patched-CF.Exe??




Thnx a lot!!!