Need help : 4167B and DJ/DL13

I am flashed at DJ13 version Dang. Bros. , I want to flash back to DL13 but the flash pgm does not identify the target drive? please help me to get that back.
I know I read about it but I can’t find it at all now. thanks.

oh ps. I have the retail GSA model of the 4167B LG burner.

Use DL13 from TDB’s website, The default DL13 will not flash a drive that has DJxx firmware installed. TDB’s version will. If you absolutely have to use LG’s default firmware, reflash with that after flashing with TDB’s DL13.

I thank you for ur sage advice. I read that the DJ versions were for OEM product. I am using a TDB DL13 fw and it was patched using mcse to increase read speed or riplock? nero saw it transfer speeds go off the page over 16X peak 12Xaverage. so I think I’m finally seeing the kind of results I was expecting.

That’s not correct. DJ13 is meant for Hitachi’s version of the GSA-4167B. It works with LG’s GSA-4167B as well (no, they are not the same). Here, this might
explain things a bit more clearly : (see Q22) (see Q6)

I’m using DJ13 on my 4167B with MCSE’s speedpatch. No problems here.

Yup, that sounds about what you should get with MCSE’s riplock patch applied. A small tip : if you set the maximum speed CD Speed displays to 17x or 18x, you can see the part where the writer reads at 16x.

Btw, have edited the title of the thread to make it a bit easier for other people to know what this thread is about. It was a bit vague.

reflashed to DJ13 speed patched. I am sticking with it now. the auto booktype really helps to cut down on Dual Layer coasters. For me…that alone was worth it becuz the firmwr takes care of the booktyping I have a JVC DVD player and now I know it can play dual layer dvdcopy as long as it gets the booktype right. Now I have one more question. should I leave the drive on the secondary master or should I return it back to slave on the primary channel/ I have an ICG7 and it has lots of IDE an sata ports. :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: thanks for this.


Am really happy with the results I am getting with the DJ13 firmware - and the UDMA4 that comes with the package-eh!

Sorry, but what is an ICG7?

ICG7 is the model of my ABIT motherboard.

Ahh, ok. So you probably mean the extra IDE ports which come as part of the ATA RAID. Usually, it isn’t recommended that you connect a DVD writer to one of these. For some reason, performance tends to be quite awful. The usual symptoms are that you are only able to burn at really low speeds (4x or so). It is usually observed with extra IDE ports using a Promise IDE controller.

Your IC7-G doesn’t seem to be using that chipset for those extra IDE ports, according to [link=]this[/link] so maybe you can give it a try and see if it works for you.

One way to test is to use Nero CD speed to do a burst rate test. You need to put a disc which has already been written (non-blank) to in the drive to run that test. If you get a burst rate of at least 24MB/s, you should be able to burn at 16x. You can also confirm it by using the “simulate” option of Nero CD Speed’s “create disc” tab to burn a 16x DVD-R disc. What that does is that it pretends to write a disc at 16x but doesn’t really write to the disc at all. The burn graph will tell you if it can hit 16x. Note : the “simulate” option doesn’t seem to work with DVD+R discs.