Need hard drive advice

Would like to add another HDD to system, sticking with Seagate, as I now have. Should I get another ST340823A or a Barricuda, taking into account my system, hopefully future upgrades in mobo, cpu, etc. The Barricuda has faster RPM but same seek time, and does it have to be cooled? For home PC, quite a bit of gaming. This is going through
(I’m using a ST340823A now.)

SEAGATE ST340823A 40.0GB Ultra DMA/100 EIDE, 8.9ms, 5400 RPM, 2MB buffer. (Part - ST340823A) $ 75 $6-$9, insured

Barracuda 40.0GB 7200RPM ST340016A INT EIDE UDMA100 HD oem 3 Year MFR Warranty - 40.0GB 7200RPM 8.9 ms avg, INT EIDE Ultra ATA/100 40gb
(Part - EST340016A) $ 75 $8-$12 3 Days Shipping

OS: Windows 98 Second Edition
VIA i2K-KT133s/686A; VIA 8363 chipset, sockett A
BIOS CHIP: AWARD 1998; PCI/PNP 686; 269230556
4\1 Driver: ver.432\VIA sound ver. 1.09
Mobo BVK1M Ver. 1.0 (Boot screen shows: K1M1006 )
800MHz AMD Duron w\fan
AC97 Onboard Sound
MT AC-Link MR Modem (Si3024-XS8)
ELSA Gladiac 511 GeForce 2 MX-400; 64MB SDR; AGP4X w/TV Out w\cpu fan
NVidia Driver: Detonator XP; Win9x-ME_23.11.exe
640Mb P100 SDRAM (1-128Mb P100 SDRAM; 2-256Mb P133 SDRAM)
Seagate ST340823A 40GB HDD
52x CD-ROM
12x8x36 CD-RW (Philips)
BIOS Manufacturer : Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG
BIOS ID : 10/07/2000-8363-686A-6A6LMB09C-00
BIOS Date : 10/07/00
BIOS OEM Signon : K1M1006
BIOS ROM Size : 256K
Chipset : VIA 82C305 rev 3
Super I/O Chip : VIA 686 found at 0h:7h:0h


Last week, I added a Seagate 80Gb myself; very happy with it.
But I advice you to get the 7200rpm; 5400 is the older IDE standard.
In your post, you say they both cost $ 75, strange, since you would think the 7200 costs (a little) more than the 5400. Or does the 7200 haveless buffer?
Anyhow, 7200 should be faster and that’s what’s best :slight_smile:

I’m using IDE 7200 for storage and SCSI 10000rpm for the OS, pretty fast :slight_smile:

I’m not cooling extra on my hd’s. 3 IDE’s packed close together and 2 SCSI’s at the side of the case. The pc is constantly running and a few days ago I was editing video for about a day; no problem. Although an extra fan can’t do harm; your AMD gets warmer than my P4.