Need Hack/firmware - (dl-108e)



What i am after is a hack or newer firmware that would remove/disable macrovision on a “dl-108e” standalone dvd player. I have tried searching for a hack on the net but couldn’t find any. Can someone try find one or point me to as site which has links to other dvd player hack sites?

PS. I need to remove macrovision as i want to connect the dvd player through my vcr.


I’ve only seen 4 links in Google , telling me it’s some weird name used for Australian DVD’s (aussies have region 2 and 4 i believe).

I think it’s better to assemble your own macrovision kit , or buy a pre-assembled one. They are about 99 AU$


Yeah i was thinking of either a device that removes the macrovision, or a selector box that switches between different devices on the one av channel.

Measures introduced to stop piracy are a good thing, but its a bloody pain in the ass in other things.

edit: i don’t believe i have listed my location as Australia, so how do you know i am an Aussie?

PS. checking IP address range is cheating.