Need guidance

I had about 200 of my best dvds, but they got stolen during my move. I bought most of them back, and swore to myself to make copies and keep the originals locked away.

Now, I’ve been using Click-1 Pro, but the failure burning rate is way too high. So decided to try DVD shrink and decripter to burn, but couldn’t figure out how to do it. Can someone guide me to step by step instruction? Thanks a bunch!!!

If you going to use DvD Shrink or DvD Decrypter may sure that you use AnyDvD with it so you have something removing the copy protections.

In my sig you will find a link to guides.

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Thanks. I’m going to try using ImgBurn. somewhere I read that it supports “dvd images,” but “not dvd files.” Can you explain to me what that means? Also, I tried erasing my failed burning dvds with the program, but it doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

You can only erase DvD-RW or DvD+RW, and that’s it.

Imgburn can do both.

Using the write feature in Imgburn you will burn the Iso.

Using the Build mode feature, you can load the Video_TS folder which contains the IFO,Bup and Vob files.

The Build mode guide link is down right at the moment, I would suspect that we might be seeing a update for Imgburn or site maintenance.

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Yeah, I tried to erase my dvd+rw, but won’t go.

Now, I downloaded my movie on to hard disc, using DVD Shrink. I turn on the ImgBurn. Then where do I go? (I’m not sure what IFO and Iso mean. Tried to read it on forums, but WAY over my head…)

Maybe this method is easier :slight_smile:

[li]Insert the original disc on a drive
[/li][li]Rip the disc on hard disc with DVD Decrypter (some recent movies requires AnyDVD as suggested by [I]platinumsword[/I] to be ripped, because Decrypter is not more updated)
[/li][li]Run DVD Shrink and load the ripped disc
[/li][li]Remove all unwanted contents from the movie
[/li][li]Save the movie on hard disc as ISO file
[/li][li]Run ImgBurn
[/li][li]Select “Write” mode
[/li][li]Select the ISO file just saved with DVD Shrink
[/li][li]Burn the file on a disc

If you want to burn the original disc without any modification on a dual layer disc, then the procedure is the following:

[li]Insert the original disc on a drive
[/li][li]Run DVD Decrypter (with AnyDVD if necessary)
[/li][li]Select Mode --> ISO --> Read
[/li][li]Rip the movie on hard disc
[/li][li]Run ImgBurn and select “Write mode”
[/li][li]Load the ISO file
[/li][li]Burn it on a DL disc (I suggest a Verbatim, because it’s the best dual layer disc currently available)

Hope this help :slight_smile:

Thanks. BTW, what’s the difference b/w ISO and IFO?

It really doesn’t matter which format you choose, it really comes down to what the software supports.

In a nutshell.

Iso - This an overall standard be it video,data, etc ( Commonly supported )

Ifo,Bup and Vob - This is a standard video format ( Selectively supported )

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