Need good source for CDR and CDRWs and brands

Love my new Teac CD burner but have a few questions for the expert panel her. I’ve always used the cheapest CDs I could find or whatever is on sale. Would like your opinions on the following:

[SIZE=3][COLOR=firebrick]1. What is a good source to purchase high quality CDRs and CRRWs ? Mail order ?

[SIZE=3][COLOR=darkred]2. I’m looking for 40x CDRs which I haven’t found yet, and a good source for 10x or 12x CDRWs.

[SIZE=3][COLOR=darkblue]3. Does the "high quality CDs mean translate into better sound or video or is it an issue of lasting longer and compatibility ?

[SIZE=3][COLOR=blue]4. Based on what you think in question 3, is it worth paying more for “high-quality” CDRs and CDRWs ?

Thanks in advance.

Jolo (Jon)

well i have basically THA BEST cd-r’s u can get MITSUI 24x

i HEARD these (24x) cd-r’s have no problems writing at 40x

they cost about 58-59 dollars out the door after shipping.
i did not order mine from here, the ones i have, i got from ebay
but i think they are tha same thing becuase i recommended these disk’s to someone else on these forums and they where happy and said they worked at 40x :slight_smile:

MITSUI cd-r’s last for over 100+ years :slight_smile:
i mainly only recommend using these disk if u need to write at 40x speeds or need to keep important stuff that u cant afford to lose, otherwise i would just get some of tha cheapest media availible for general use.

Sadly these guys do not ship outside the US, anybody got a supplier in the UK/Europe?


Goto svp comms and they have unbranded Mitsui SG Ultra II 80min gold’s at £44 for 100 in a spindle (the center hub says Mitsui, there is a barcode and they are Pyth… discs, identified as Mitsui’s in ATIP programs - no problem then :slight_smile:

I had problems with DR’s, TDK’s, etc, but these discs are brush lacquer finish, they write to and read back with no errors at all in my Plextor 241040a. CDSpeed scandisk + media quality tests pass 100% with never a slow-down.

Absolutely lovely cd’s.


Some of the best supplies come from fast turn around and they take nochex payments as well.

Are there any good blank CD sellers in the U.S. for burning 40x CDR and 10-12x CDRWs ?

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