Need Good Quality CD-R Media

Can anyone recommend quality, consistent CD-R media that can be burned at 32x-40x without any C2 errors and hopefully will be readable in the future?

All the Ritek discs I have tried have C2 errors at the end and even without the C2 errors, based on the slow read speeds the write quality is horrible. I have tried Arita, RiData branded discs and they produce horrible results.

I can’t find any TY media so what can anyone recommend? I have no idea where to turn, I suspect even HP CMC would be more reliable than these Riteks.

Where abouts in the world are you so we can recommend stuff you can get hold of?

The following is from an Office Depot branded media:

*** Disc ATIP code information ***
ATIP Start Time of Lead-in: 97m17s06f
ATIP Last possible start time of Lead-out: 79m59s74f (LBA: 359999)
Disc Manufacturer: Moser Baer India Limited
Disc Dye: PhthaloCyanine Material
Disc type: CD-R
Media Sub-Type: 04h
Indicative Target Write Power: 05h
Reference Speed: 00h
Unrestricated Use Disc(URU): 00h
A1 Value: 000000h
A2 Value: 000000h
A3 Value: 000000h
Maximum Read Speed Supported (with current disc): 48X (7200 KB/Sec)
Maximum Write Speed Supported (with current Disc): 48X (7200 KB/Sec)
Current Read Speed Supported (with current Disc): 48X (7200 KB/Sec)
Current Write Speed Supported (with current Disc): 48X (7200 KB/Sec)

In researching Moser Baer India Limited I also found they have thier own brand name, Imation 52x and HP are some other brands that use that media.

There is also a Moser Baer India Limited forum on CD-Freak although noone has posted a c1 c2 using the 3500.

Since I have only had the 3500 for a month it is hard to say on longevity. I did run the Nero CD/DVD create disc and then scandisk with no errors.

I just can’t run the Kprobe stuff.

Staples is another store brand running Moser.

And as several have stated on other threads “the cheaper the better” as far as cd-r’s go.

Thanks. I’ve heard the opposite about the price although these Ritek’s were quite cheap. I guess I need to keep buying random media :(.

The only media I trusted was TY and the old ProDisc CDRs (the eProformance ones were junk though)

Verbatim datalife plus disk have very good quality and those are manufactured by Taio Yuden usually

The search continues… :slight_smile:

this is not true.

i though only the pastels were TY

You are correct.

Verbatim DataLife Plus (CD and DVD) = Mitsubishi (MCC/MKM)

Verbatim DataLife Plus Pastel (CD and DVD) = Taiyo Yuden

Verbatim DataLife (CD Only) = CMC Magnetics, Moser Baer India etc.

How are the new Princo’s? I’ve heard good and bad things about them. I think I might grab a 50 pack and try them.

I guess the problem is that all the Fuji 50 packs are all .tw Ritek, Prodisc or other. Fuji seems to ensure they have the highest quality even from Ritek but I don’t think it’s worth paying such a high price when they aren’t TY anymore.


You can get TY CD-r’s for $26 + shipping at - and KNOW that you are getting the REAL stuff-


I still have been able to find the “Made in Japan” Fujis that are TYs at the Best Buy near where I live. I would still be on the lookout for those, if possible. Also, I believe Maxell Music discs are TY (and obviously, you could still use them for data also) although you would have to pay that tiny little surcharge that the “Music” CD-Rs have.

Also, I have seen some “Maxell Pro” CDs that I saw at Wal-Mart and decided to pick up a 10-pack to try out, but I cannot remember what type of discs those actually were. I’ll check it out when I get home and try to post what type they are. (Although I am pretty sure they are not TY).


Maxell Pro actually are TY. I don’t want to pay so much for them though. I have looked at a few vendor’s 50 pack of Fujis and have only seen Taiwan made ones (previously I was able to find the Japan TY).

But I’ll keep looking :slight_smile:

You say you keep looking for ty made disk…but i cannot understand why you just dont order ty disk from rima which you were recommended or where i order my disks?

Shouldn’t be problem anymore…


Regarding the Taiyo Yuden CD-R’s actually has the better deal - theirs are $29 plus $1.50 shipping (total=$30.50) and is $26 plus $7 shipping (total=$33)-