Need good mkv to DVD with 2 audio tracks



Hi! all
I try to have a good MKV to DVD folder , keeping the 2 audio tracks. I’ve tried a lot of programs mostly “try before buy” and the only one for now seems to be “DvdFab Creator”. But sometimes it crashed or don’t output the original size. If there is someone that can help me with it, that would be great. I use “MakeMkv” mostly (in mkv 1:1) or “DvdFab decrypter” (in iso) to do the rip. Then I use Handbrake to make a lower size for backup. But when I want to redo a DVD with either mkv (that have 2 audio tracks) that’s where I always end-up with only one track or they don’t shrink to DVD5, as most of DVD are DVD9. Thanks all


I don’t have a MakeMKV video with two audio tracks to test with right now.
If needed I could probably rip one.
I don’t think you would even need Handbrake if you do this.

Take the MakeMKV.mkv & use AVStoDVD to convert & compress it to DVD5 .

You can check out Kerry56’s guide for AVStoDVD:

I haven’t tested this for two audio tracks but it should work.

BTW AVStoDVD is freeware.


Oh …I did try AvsToDvd and I did post a lot of problem with it on their forum. The whole thing is to be able to have a MKV as backup and been able to burn it later if needed. So I rip in mkv, shrink to DVD5 and burn. Thanks anyway.


I haven’t had many problems with AVStoDVD .
The main ones I had were going from NTSC to PAL & vice versa.
I haven’t tried to do exactly what you are trying.
I usually don’t need but one audio track.
So I can’t say for sure AVStoDVD will work for this but I’m fairly certain it would.

I have DVDFab platinum lifetime but only DVDCopy & DVDRipper .As well as Passkey. I don’t have DVDFab Creator so I’m not sure if it is the correct tool for this .
It may be. I may have a trial still.
Usually if DVDFab is only able to create a DVD9 it is because the trial has been used & is now expired.


In my experience, there simply isn’t a better conversion program to go from MKV to DVD-video than AVStoDVD. Yes, it will handle two audio streams.

If you’d like to give us a detailed description of any problems you have with the program feel free to do so in this thread.

If you want an alternative…the best alternative is a commercial program called ConvertXtoDVD.


Hi! again. You can take a kook at “” for some. I ended up with DvdFab Creator and I haven’t had much problem since then except for some 4x3 and some crashes. But If I close everything after using it, it’s better (Like MakeMkv-Handbrake-DvdFab-ImgBurn). The only other option I’ve seen so far is TMPEG : Authoring work 5. But did not try it yet. And for ConvertXtoDVd I had 2-3 Dvd that were out of sync , as for IMTOO Dvd Creator. Thanks for your help anyway.


If MrC and manolito couldn’t work you through your issues with AVStoDVD, then I’m certain I can’t be of much help.

You seem to have some very, very unusual problems though, and like those guys, I’ve never seen a VFR mpeg2 file from a DVD source. That should not exist. Got to be a false reading.

Thanks for the link…I learned a bit from manolito there. I wasn’t aware that using an ifo file as input overrode the no encoding setting.

You might download the latest alpha version of AVStoDVD the next time MrC updates it, as he is now aware of some of the issues you’ve raised in that thread. The LAV filters handling of audio bit depth is part of the problem apparently.


I also checked the link & manolito & MrC tried but you seem to have an unusual process . I think this is part of the problem.

I would do as suggested & eliminate DVDFab from the process entirely.

  1. I would use MakeMKV as the decrypter & converter.
    Check the .MKV created in a media player like VLC & MPC-HC as well.
    If it plays OK:

  2. A. Use AVStoDVD to convert the .MKV from MakeMKV to a DVD5.
    Do this to a hard drive instead of a direct burn to DVD .
    Check the DVD folder created in a media player like VLC & MPC-HC as well.
    If it plays OK:
    Then use ImgBurn Build mode to write the DVD folder to a DVD disc.

If it doesn’t play correctly you know the problem is in the conversion by AVStoDVD.

  1. B. Use the .MKV created by MakeMKV in HandBrake to make it smaller for your backup.
    Check the .MKV created in a media player like VLC & MPC-HC as well.
    If it’s OK then that should mean you can use it for a backup.
    You might convert a couple of these with AVStoDVD to test with .
    Check the DVD folder created in a media player like VLC & MPC-HC as well.
    If that is OK it should burn OK.
    If you still want to test the final result then burn to a DVD RW .
    It should be good enough to test a standalone DVD player with.


I decided I would test the method I posted in #8.

I had to boot into my Vista OS because MakeMKV still isn’t working in my W7 OS.

  1. I used MakeMKV to rip, decrypt, & convert a commercial DVD to a .MKV file .
    I used Edge of Tomorrow . No particular reason other than I have it.
    The ripped .mkv is 5.37GB . (Not as large as DjDan posted of the movies he ripped over at videohelp)
    Still more than a single layer DVD will hold without compressing.
    I set MakeMKV to rip 2 audio tracks & the subtitles for them.

Here is the interesting thing this rip also had the VFR mpeg2 from the DVD source .
This is copy & pasted from AVStoDVD. (So I didn’t need to post a screen shot)
“Title 1 (H:\MakeMKV\Video itleOO.mkv)
MPEG-2 Video - 5873 kbps - 720x480 - DAP, 16:9 - 29.97 fps (VFR) - Progressive (TFF) - 1:53:29 hours - 204071 frames” .
This is the relevent part from MediaInfo:
Format : MPEG Video
Format version : Version 2
Frame rate mode : Variable
Original frame rate : 23.976 fps (Note the changed frame rate during the conversion . The NTSC .VOB is Frame rate :29.970fps & not Variable.)
I looks like MakeMKV is changing this to Variable .
It played fine with all Audio tracks & subtitles in VLC.

The .MKV file caused me no problem with AVStoDVD.

2.A. I used AVStoDVD to convert the .mkv to a DVD5 folder on my hard drive .
I made the appropriate settings .
This created a DVD5 size of 4.31GB .
It has two audio tracks & the subtitles.
Tested fine with VLC.
The two flaws I had is for some reason it plays the Spanish track first when I play it in my main standalone DVD player.
I’m sure I could correct this with AVStoDVD but not that big of a problem.
The other is for some reason the subtitle letters have a blue border around each letter.
Still readable & I don’t know of a setting to correct that.

I wrote this to a SL DVD RW with ImgBurn Build mode.
It played fine in my standalone with the two flaws above.

2.B. I hadn’t used HandBrake for a while & was a bit rusty but after a few tries I had what I wanted.
I used the .MKV created by MakeMKV in HandBrake.
I made the settings so it would have two audio tracks & two subtitle sets. ( There was one other subtitle track & I set it to forced since it seemed what it should be).
This created a backup like DjDan was attempting .
Smaller size . The MakeMKV .MKV is 5.37GB the Handbrake .MKV from it is 1.33GB .
It has two Audio tracks & the subtitles.
It plays fine with VLC. It’s subtitles have all white letters.
The quality is some less than the MakeMKV .MKV but with the size compression this is no surprise.
It still looks good on VLC player.

As with the MakeMKV conversion there was also VFR with HandBrake. Except it was AVC instead of MPEG 2.
From AVStoDVD:
"Title 1 (H:\Handbrake\EDGE_OF_TOMORROW-MKV)
AVC - 879 kbps - 720x360 - DAR 2.369 - 25 fps (VFR) - Progressive - 1:53:29 hours - 170230 frames
From MediaInfo:
Format : AVC
Format/Info : Advanced Video Codec
Format profile : Main@L4
Frame rate mode : Variable

I then used AVStoDVD to convert the Handbrake .MKV to DVD5 with the same process I used for the MakeMKV .MKV .
It also had the same two flaws .
I wrote it the same way with ImgBurn to a SL DVD RW .
It played fine in my standalone DVD player .
The quality is a little less but still looks good on a 46" TV .

So for me the instructions I posted work .


MakeMKV won’t change the frame rate. It might incorrectly change the flag/header info.


Kerry that’s probably what it did .
I just took the information strait from MediaInfo.
AVStoDVD shows it as 29.97 .
Both show Variable or VFR.
23.97 Commercial DVD
23.97 MakeMKV.mkv
29.97 AVStoDVD made from MakeMKV.mkv
23.97 Handbrake.mkv
29.97 AVStoDVD made from Handbrake.mkv


I checked a direct rip with AVStoDVD using AnyDVD HD as the decrypter.
This is what AVStoDVD shows. (The reason it is longer is it still has all the “Extras” .

Title 1 (H:\AtoD\Temp\vrs_01_0.d2v)
DGIndex - 5824 kbps - 720x480 - DAR 16:9 - 29.97 fps (CFR) - Progressive (2:3 Pulldown) - 2:07:41 hours - 229600 frames

But no “VFR” so whether false or true MakeMKV added that.
So did HandBrake .

Neither seemed to be a problem for AVStoDVD on the conversions I did.