Need good BWA file for Commandos3

Hi everyone,

The last day I was trying to backup Commandos 3 (spanish version) wich I recently bought. I read the article of how to copy using twinpeak but on both my reader/writer can’t select low speeds to create the bwa file so I obtained bad results.

If anyone has a good bwa of this game, no matter if it’s from english version I would like to try it. So please do me that favour. bow:

Try this one.

Thanks a lot Wonble!

I tried it and successfully backup the game. Of course, by the changes Twinpeak made on the image the copy wasn’t good enough to install from it but it was possible to run the game from it waiting about 20sec in the authentification process.

Can someone show us a picture or something like that of what would be a perfect BWA file?

Something like this.

Thanks for the picture Womble with this visual help it’s easier for me :iagree:

I forgot I asked of that thing in the reply to the commandos 3 post, sorry :bow: