Need GCC-4320B firmware


First excuse my poor english.Here my problem.I have 2 LG cdrw 1 8400B and a GCC-4320B.While trying to flash my 8400B i instead flash the 4320B with the wrong firmware…So now my combo is dead.And i can not find any 4320B firmware on the net.If someone have a backup of is firmware could you be kind enought to send it to me.Thanks in advance.


I don’t think that there is any firmware released for this drive yet since it is so new. Hopefully soon…

well i have been able to recover my drive with a good firmware.If there was no firmware invailable before there is one now in my harddrive,floppie etc…you can be sure i made a backup(are backup’s) this time.dhc014 you where right tho,there is no firmware on the web at this time.I known for having looking for almost 3 weeks.Even went to TIBET :slight_smile: .So if someone need this flash just tell me.

sorry for my english.



i don’t mean to wash down you post pedro, but has anyone manage to oc this combo drive yet. please point me in the right direction.

cheers all!

I flashtroyed my combo yesterday, while trying to flash it with firmware downloaded from LG, and BIOS won’t recognize it anymore. Perhaps I was not careful enough. LG’s 1.02 firmware refuses to flash it again. How did you flash your drive back, Pedro? I thank in advance for any clue.

Go here for GCC-4320B firmware (v 1.03)…


i upgraded my firmware and did my first CD scan, here is the result i get! am I doing something wrong?!

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