Need free version of internet download manager



if any one knows site for downloading free IDM(internet download manager) then plz tell me :slight_smile:


If you want any free download manager, try

It baffles me that anyone manages to SELL a download manager, as there is no shortage of good free ones - even without putting up with ad/spyware or resorting to illegality.


You can buy it here:

Any other way to obtain this software without paying for is considered illegal for the purpose of this forum and will not be allowed here!


Metaproducts Download Express is free for personal use and is very good. You can find it at

EDIT: It is also ad free


Another good one - actually the one I have been using - and the newer version has some extra tricks that do not need paying for, as well as a few features that do (though walking into those is irritating).

The other options are: - Free/Pro versions - Fresh Downloader (free, as are all their others, but must register and accept a spamvertorial email whenever any of the 4 programs is updated - other than that, it seems clean … I tagged the email I gave them, and cannot see any other junk attributable to them… a small price to pay, given the amount of unsolicited crap that will arrive anyway. - Free/Pro, with minimal limitations

AFAIK, all of these do not carry any nasty adware - “Free Download Manager” flirted with NavExcel, but got such a lousy reception for it that they got rid of it (watch for any return) - there is now a custimization version, but the plain one is clean


thnk youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu