Need for Speed underground 2



I can make an image and use it alcohol 120 virtual drive but i cant burn a copy to cd i have a sony dvd/cd dru-500ax burner and a sony crx-210e1 cd burner. any help with settings would be of huge help


NfS Underground 2 is protected with SD 3.20, I think. So I would recommend to use one of Alcohol 120% profiles for burning. You can either use standard SafeDisc profile - if you have a good burner, otherwise, use the SafeDisc 2/3 profile.

Anyway, I´am not sure about Sony burners. I had a CRX210 too, but it could backup SafeDisc only up to 2.80. As for your DVD burner DRU-500AX, I´am not sure for this one is rather old…


Dvddecrypter in ISO read/write mode


This is only as effective as Alcohol 120%'s standard safedisc datatype. If he has a burner that requires “help”, then this method is completely useless to him.


Thanks People for the help

The offline guide says that my burners are not compatiable with version of safedisc.
When scanned by A-ray scanner it says that it is safedisc but the version has been removed.
Does anyone have any suggestions of what decent burner to buy wether dvd/cd?
Thanks again