Need for Speed start-up weird stuff

In my quest for speed I discovered a handy little tool “Start-up Juggler”.
It shows me exactly what stuff runs automatically on starting my computer.

First time I set it running I got a list, but noticed one entry that I didn´t recognize…a thing called “TkBellexe”. Googled this and discovered it is a known worm…and followed the link to Symantec (I´ll never say bad things about them again!), downloaded their removal tool…ran it, and after 2 hours it said “Not Found”

Hmm…anyone know anything about this beast?

Take a look at the list on the Start-up Juggler as well…look excessive?

Running Sony Vaio Laptop, 1.73GHz, 1024MB RAM, XP-Pro SP2, anti-virus stuff on, firewall, regular scans and registry cleans…but always had a slowish startup - hence the Juggler (as well as FreeRAM XPPro)

Try to use this other freeware tool to see if also this say that you have that process “TkBellexe” running

Cool…thanks Geno. I´ve downloaded and run their prog. Shows the TkBellExe is there.
Info about this beast is here

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

With autorun you can also see the path of executables. Do you recognize something you installed on your computer? Maybe uninstalling it can solve.

Have you tryied to execute symantec removal tool in safe mode?

I ran the Symantec tool according to their instructions - very simple - just “start”, but it didn´t find it. The instructions for manual removal look a bit too complicated for me to try alone. I think I will have to take the laptop to a local guru for this.

The blurb on the Symantec site said it wasn´t extremely dangerous and when I looked at “eigenschaften” <— German for properties I think, it said it has been there since August last year!!!

At least the Sony is still running…slowly but maybe my recent Registry cleans have helped. But what do you think…I need to eliminate some of these programs from the start list, ja?

From the image it seems that was real player to install this. Try to uninstall it and see what happen. If you need real media codecs, you can try “real alternative”.

You can find it here

I think I have managed to get rid of it. I did as you suggested and uninstalled RealPlayer, and ran a couple of registry cleaners, restarted and checked my Start-up list…the evil beastie is gone. Let´s see if the system runs better, or is more stable.
I suspect there are still other issues there however.

Thanks again Geno for your help.
Stay tuned.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: