Need for speed Hot Pursuit, Safedisc 2.8 and 0%


I’m trying to make a backup of Need for Speed:Hot Pursuit, I have enlisted the help of Clony XXL, CCD Profile and Slysoft Clone CD and the extra downloadable profiles.

As far as CCD Profile and Clony XXL are concerned this game uses Safedisc 2.8.

The first thing i did was use the profile that CCD Profiler added in Clone CD. As i only have one drive (and it was recommended to me) i proceeded to make an image at one of the lowest speeds (4x). After 24 hours it was still stuck on 0% and all the counters also indicated 0%.

I got fed up and stopped it and then start with the profiles i added to clone cd. I used the profile that says Safedisc (Emulator) and upped the speed to 30x just to see if there would be quick progress. Same thing though and after a few hours it was still stuck on 0%.

I’m using a LG 16x10x40x cdwriter with a fresh install of win98 with few other apps or drivers installed.

Is this normal and should i wait a few weeks until the image is made or is there a quicker way to backup this cd?

Any help would be much appreciated

Is the LG your only optical drive? You can read with any optical, you are not confined to a burner for reading. It is not necessary to lower your read speed to 4x, try it at max and see if it hits past 0%. Writing at lower speeds is more importantthan reading. People reduce read speed intentionally when a burned image fails, which is not yet your case. Also I do not know if the LG 16x is a 2 shep burner, if not, try Amplify weak sectors. Also, try the default protected game profile, not what clonyxxl made, see if it changes any reading results. If it reads at max speed, then try 4x just for kicks to see if it goes.

How do i find out the sheep rating for my drive?

I only have the one optical drive on my previous machine which i’m using for this process. I tried clonecd on my newer pc running winxp which has 2 optical drives (which are probably a lot better) but clonecd wont run on that machine (i cant remember the error message now, i think that it was something to do with a dll not loading). i have nero on there so i guess there has to be some driver conflict or an aspi issue.

i already tried the protected game profile at a higher speed which read the image file and then i burned a cd but that cd didnt work and now protects my beautiful desk from coffee stains.


Originally posted by grantv
How do i find out the sheep rating for my drive?
I suspect you have the CED model rather than the GCE model. The CED is the OEM version and it’s a shocker. You will need another burner to backup game CDs.

Ratings here.

You can check the LG version in CloneCD. Click the first button and highlight your unit. Look over on the right.

If you have the GCE model, then there’s something else wrong!