Need for Speed hot pursuit 2 and LiteOn LTR-40125S

I just brought this wonderful game home tonight and instantly tried to back it up with Clone. Of course it failed. My LiteOn has been a good drive, I purchased it way cheaper than my Plextor drive and it works way better. (way better for what I use it for and that is to copy games) But I knew it was a matter of time before Macrovision stepped back into the scene with new stuff to screw us all over.

I originally bought a Plextor to copy safedisc 2 games.  And a month after I recieved it Macrovision released SD 2.51 on MOHAA and the drive became useless for me.   So I bit the bullet on it and bought another drive.  A LiteOn 40x12x48s and it made copies like there was no tomorrow.  That is until I came home with NFS6.  

Some of you say it Clone cd that's not taking advantage of the drive to make the backup and others are saying it's the harware itself.  My best bet is on the hardware.  Now I have 2 drives in my possesion, a LiteOn 40x12x48s and a Plextor 24x10x40a.  Both were purchased in under one year wih the sole intent of backing up my precious game collection.   And both are rendered useless in that area now.  

Does anyone have any light to shed on this subject or am I doomed to purchasing yet another drive to get clean copies of things.   Will Olli come forth and bring us new software to take advantage of our drives?  Will LiteOn unvail a new Firmware for the drive that will fix everything?  I ask these questions here in this forum for obvious reasons. We are all very into what we do here and it is very important to us we have hardware that performs the way we want it to.  Not only that, I see that the veterans of the forums are true professionals on these topics and have led me to educated buying decisions for my hardware in the past.  So I ask you now,  "what the hell should I do?"  Buy new hardware or pray for miracles?  Thanks for your help.


I feel that the days of 1:1 copies are over. No matter what drive you get now, u won’t be able to get past SecuROM, Tages, Safedisk 2.8xx, etc. The cd protection companies work much faster than the CD-RW makers so they can’t keep up. These few days were very sad me. I couldn’t burn NOLF 2, MOHAA, etc :frowning:

Your Lite-on can copy this game but not with clonecd. You will be able to copy it successfully if you either use discjuggler or make an image with discdump and burn the image with fireburner. Just make sure that if you want to run the backup from your writer that you enable hide cd media before doing so.

LiteOn LTR-48125S (FW 1S01)
Toshiba SD-M1612 (FW 1004)

Would you recommend the LiteOn or Toshiba as reader, if I want to copy Safedisc 2.80 with Discdump and Fireburner?

I just made a successful copy of the game with CD-Mate!!! I am totally happy! It is the software. Clone CD for some reason can’t handle the copy. I shouldn’t have doubted my LiteON. It yet again proves to be exactly what I’m looking for in a cd burner! Highly recommended! I can’t tell you how awesome this is! I hope Olli catches up!

You used the LiteOn for both reading and writing?

Which settings did you use in CD-Mate

maybe im just damn lucky but i burned it with clonecd and it works perfectly using the safedisc profile

And you’re not using a NO-CD crack?

I used the LiteOn for both reading and writing with sam checked and raw checked. And it plays!!

Originally posted by Dazzler
And you’re not using a NO-CD crack?

using image dumped with ddump from original cd, of course it ran without a nocd crack ;0

I installed the game off the original disc in my Pioneer DVD-ROM. I then proceeded to make my backup as stated in another thread (Discdump/Fireburner). The backup won’t run in either my Lite-On or Plextor burners, however it plays perfectly in my Pioneer still, which is fine by me. It’s just a bit weird is all. :slight_smile:

You’ll need to enable hide cd media or a similar utilty before playing the back-up copy from either of your writers.

Thing is, though, even if I use the original disc in my burners I still get error messages.

What read and write speed did you use?

Max write and read speed works fine. Have made many successful copies already.

Saturnokatu, did you install the game from your burner? With safedisc now, they usually make it so that you can only play from the drive you installed the game from. To fix this, goto the registry editor HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software and find the folder for your game and look for these 2 values:

CD Drive: D:
Installed from: D:\

If these exists, change the D:\ to whatever drive you wish to play from.

Originally posted by Gasaraki
I feel that the days of 1:1 copies are over.
It’s a matter of the sectors that the prot developers use. alexnoe has done some research on this. For example, Liteon can’t read or write certain sectors while others can. CloneCD replaces the SD2 sectors with it’s own; so I think that between knowing what CloneCD actually writes and knowing which sectors affect certain burners, it’s a simple matter to improve the prot technology.

I can verify Mengsk, results as the copy made using the CD Mate works flawlessly in every drive. Keep in mind that some drives are much better in reading than the average CD-ROM i.e. Liteon DVDs.

It would not be unusal for a good reader to play the imperfect copy of SD2.8X and play it flawlessly. That might give some people (I know it did it to me ) some false result making them believe that they actually might have had a perfect copy when it actually is not.

But the final result is the copy made using the CD Mate works whether it is read by a Liteon DVD or Liteon Burner or just an ordinary garden variety CD-ROM.

As for the settings the default settings recommended in CDMate for SD2 would do.

As for the speed, read and write was done at full speed.

I just copied my sisters copy using CloneCD and a LiteOn 24102B. Used the SafeDisc 2 profile. Guess I was lucky. :confused:
I burned it on a CD-RW, I hope it works on a CD-R to.

Question: If in theory the copy made by CD Mate works and plays in all readers wouldn’t the copy be considered perfect? As the other copys that in my opinion weren’t perfect wouldn’t load at all? If an imperfect copy works then what in thoery is classified as a perfect copy? Do you follow me… What would be missing from the working copy that would keep it from being flawless? And if previous lite on burners can handle the protection with clone then doesn’t it become a clone cd software issue relating to this specific drive? (is the clone software not taking advantage of the burners hardware?)