Need folder-mirror-(or sync-)software

Hi there.

i just bought myself an external hdd for usb 2.0. (seperate external case and Samsung HDD)
i did that to be able to backup all my stuff, as music, programs, documents and so on outside of my pc for security reasons. just to prevent data loss in case of a hdd-crash.

so, everything works fine, the speed is really good - but now, after manually copying all i wanted to backup to this drive, i want to make this procedure more comfortable - meaning done automatically… :wink:

so, what i need is a (folder-)mirror-program.
i don’t want to image my complete system on this harddrive, i just want to sync special folders in one way.

e.g. i, of course, backup my “My Music”-Folder - but if i now rip a new CD, i would manually have to copy it onto the external hdd.

other scenario: i don’t want to browse to “C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Razor\Lokale Einstellungen\Anwendungsdaten\Microsoft\Outlook” every day, just to copy my outlook.pst onto the external hdd.

or, if i download a new version of a program, i first remove the old file(s) from my download-folder, then copy the new downloaded files from my desktop into the download-folder. it isn’t fun to compare the external hdd’s folder content everytime to manually remove old files from the external hdd and then copy the new ones over the old…

so, what i need is a software which does exactly this: sync user-defined folders in one way (only from pc -> external hdd). if i remove a file on the pc, this file shall also be removed on the external hdd the next time i sync.

of course, this software has to work only when i want to, 'coz i don’t have the external hdd plugged in / turned on all the time - so it may not only work on scheduled times but also on manual demand…

anyone knows such a software?

I use DirSync Directory Synchroniser to do exactly what you are requiring. It run as a schedule or on demand. It’s not exactly expensive either , if you choose to buy it.

thanks, TimC - looks good, i’ll have a deeper look at it later… :slight_smile:

:bow: perfect - thx, again! :bow: