Need flasher for NEC 6650A drive

hi, i’ve just got a Lacie Firewire DVD Burner, the slim type and inside the enclosure is a NEC 6650A DVD Burner.

It’s got the 1.23 firmware and i want to flash it with the latest firmware (1.62 looks to be the one) so i’m looking to get a copy of the binflash utility.

however everytime i go to the link it keeps on sending me to the news page and on there i can’t find anywhere to download the tool.

i’ve also heard of a tool called necflashx and have tried getting that, installed it on my mac and tried flashing the firmware but in the console it said ‘incompatible firmware’ and wouldn’t let me force the firmware to liggy & herrie’s new 1.62 firmware.

where am i going wrong here, going mad fast!

appreciate any help with this,


You can also download Binflash from my NEC mirror site. See the link in my signature. Go to the ‘Utilities’ section :wink:

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Our download links are not working for the moment but you can download NecflashX here.

ScorpioSoft, your site only hosts windows version of binflash…