Need Firmware

Hi, I need Firmware to unlock my DVD Drive. HL-DTSTDVDRRW GWA-4161B (Packard Bell Computer) Could someone please tell me where to get it from, or where to look? Thanks.

To unlock what??

Your drive is OEM, BTW.

OEM, what’s that mean? My Dvd re-writer is locked, so i can’t copy copyrighted dvd’s.

One thing has nothing to do with the other…

Your drive is an OEM version by Packard Bell, so it’s not a real LG drive.
Real LG drives start with LG GSA-xxxx.

Try with DVD43 & VLC Tool.

I just bought a pioneer DVR-111D, updated the firmware to 1.06. Does anybody know if RCP1 firmware is currently available for this drive?

PS Not sure if this was the right thread to post this question…

None of that really makes sense to me… So, could you put it in easier terms what i need to be able to copy copyrighted dvd’s? Thanks.

Copy protections have nothing to do with regioncodes specifically.

To be able to copy protected DVD movies you need software that overrides the protection.

AnyDVD is about the best there is for that but it costs. DVD43 , as chef suggests, is free.

These 2 run in tha background & you then copy the movie with DVD Shrink or CloneDVD. The first one is free the second costs.

DVD Decrypter is an app to rip the movie to your HD so that DVD SHrink can then set about removing extras & compressing it to fit on a blank DVD. DVD Decrypter will overcome all but the latest protections & so might do for you.

No it isn’t. Start one of your own or look in the Pioneer forum.

Cheers Guys, found it on ebay so i’ll get it from there.