Need firmware to use dvd-rom (dvd-r) on my nec 3500

have updated to current firmware to
libby firmware 2.18 (thanks guys)

on my nec 3500.

used binflash +ltd to update firmware.
firmware is now 2.18 (though i had 2.f9 previously)

booktype is set for dvd+r,

and my current preferred
booktype (for burning disks) is dvd-r.

(till i get a good deal on dvd+r/ rw disks as
the dvd-r disks were less than
30 cents USD each.

please help.
i can not sem to reset the booktype using the winflash:

when i set booktype to dvd-rom,
and click on apply,

dialog box always goes back to “factory default active”.

and shows dvd+r in perm and temp.

in researching , i noted that using the
‘-setbt’ command

allows me to change book type

but i am a newby and do not know how
to even get to

no less than

use this code.

if you want me to use -setbt command,
please give me detailed instructions.

or may i have a firmware with dvd-rom pre set?


i forgot to click on the instant email notification…

I noticed you’re using an external enclosure. Here’s a link to help you. Read through it.