Need firmware sony crx185e3

I´ve damaged my cdrw firmware ;-(
Is there anyone out there with this SONY CRX185E3 who can make a bin file from the firmware and send me?
Thanks in advance!

Thanks for all the helpfull replys. Now I´ve recieved an original fw and anything works fine again. all owners of a CRX185E3 L08f: Be carefull, the liteon fw not works with this drive.

I need to re-flash my CRX185E3 and have the binary firmware. The problem is that when I plug my CRX185E3 to my PC then can’t boot (only see the Intel Motherboard picture). How can use MTKFLASH to apply the firmware in this conditions???
How can apply sucessfully the firmware again?
Someone can give a hint or tutorial to do it?
Now my CRX185E3 is destroy :frowning: can be return to life again?

Unplug the drive’s power connection before you turn on the computer, then plug it back in once you’re in DOS. Then you’ll be able to flash it using mtkflash and bring it back to life.