Need firmware Panasonic SR-8582-C DVD



Just bought this for $5 + shipping. I didn’t have the model until I opened it.
It’s a 2X DVD/20X CD-ROM.

Any chance of ekeing out more from it? Not a biggie- I just knew if anyplace had the answer, it was here!


PS- supposedly sold via Compaq at one time…


This is at least 6 years old, and the main problem you might have with it is - it won’t read +R/+RW media. I have an 1999 vintage SR-8583, which is a bit faster, and it won’t do DVD+ formats, hence I bought the DVD writer.

On the other hand, if all you wnat to do is read pressed DVDs, you won’t have a problem. It will probably last you for another 6 years…

Ah, yes, firmware. I got mine updated from somewhere, but I don’t remember where now. Do a web search for Matsushita (or Matshita) 8582 firmware, and you’ll find a few versions, I’m sure. You might be able to double the reading speed to 4x, but I’m not sure exactly.


Hi M-

Well, I had a look around & didn’t see anything- unless I’m blind. I’d be happy with 4x reads- I’m not concerned with reading RW’s…



Look here

I still have the slightly newer 8583, it is either 5X of 6X reader, but rips only ~2X, very good on bad discs, but it is PIO mode, so takes 100% CPU :frowning:

A better option is to get new DVD-ROM, but I do not want to spend now even the $25.


Thanks for that. I saw it earlier but it isn’t any more of an improvement than what is on it. I was hoping for a speed boost- mainly to hopefully playback reg. DVD’s better (not even movies- DVD software, really).



Unfortunately, there are limits to the speed of the laser head and the spindle, and those kinds of limits can’t be overcome with newer firmware. 8583 can be improved up to 5x (i think), but it looks like 8582 can’t. Sorry.


No biggie & I thank you for the reply. I bought the drive for $5 & $7 shipping- mainly as a backup CD-ROM. I just installed it in a friend’s PC whose drive died. It wasn’t an emergency on the firmware- I just figured I’d try to get the most for her on it.

Thanks again!
T ;^)