Need Firmware help please!

I wanted to Know whats the Best firmware out for a hp burner my cosuin gave me. i dont know the model but it says dvd8401/72 in the corner it has 1.dvd+r/+rw lvldb-0306
2.e-h900-03-4204 (B)
3.chinese symbols
4.chinese symbols
5.BENQ technologies SDN BHD
6. Malaysia

manufactured september 2004
h/w rev 03
f/w rev HH19

what would be best for that drive? please help. need instructions too cause i never flashed a drive before.

also need better firmware for a hp cd-writer plus 9300 series cd burner. if thats possible. thanxs in advance

Sorry, I can’t tell what kind of drive it is.

Please run DISCInfo ( ), select your drive, and then save a report (File -> Save). Copy and paste the contents of the report into your post.

As for the 9300i/9310i, the latest available firmware is 1.0c, from 2000. It’s an old drive, and they haven’t released any new firmwares for it in eons. There are no firmware updates for the 9340i/9350i.

The drive seems to be a HP DVD 400 c or i

one of this threads should help to find more information

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