Need Firmware for SONY DRU-120C


I am getting “Failed to Read Sector 1913760 - Reason: L-EC Uncorrectable Error” while verifying after writing ISO images to 8X VERBATIM DVD+R DL disks. I tried to write in different speeds and lost 5 disks already. I have SONY DRU-120C drive which writes perfectly with 2.4X VERBATIM disks. Looks like it requires an update to the firmware. Can any one help me with which firmware it will work correctly. I dont have any issues writing to CD or standard DVD media.

I have also tried after updating the firmware to MYS6. But no luck so far…:frowning: Please help…

Hi and Welcome!

since you managed to apply DW-G120A MYS6 firmware without killing the drive, I am assuming DRU-120C and DW-G120A are the same (apart from the marketing name).
The only other option would be to crossflash to Liteon SHM-165P6S MS0R, but I doubt there will be any improvement with that firmware.


Hi Michael

Thanks for the info. Which is the latest drives available in the market that works well with 8X VERBATIM DVD+R DL?. Since i have bought as many as 50 disks it looks like i should try the method you have mentioned. If it doesn’t works then its better to buy a new drive that supports this media…


Just about any modern drive works well with 8x Verbatim. Take your pick.