Need firmware for pioneer 111d

Im am new at this, I need the best filmware for a pioneer 111d, I am using sony, TY, Verbatim, I burn at 4x speed, I use 1-click-copy to burn with. I hear you all are the best, thanks for your help.

Hi and welcome to the forum! In my opinion The Dangerous Brothers’ 8.26 is the best u can get for 111 so far. It will give u full RAM support, region free, labelflash. More on the topic here:

I would recommend The Dangerous Bros 8.26 version for the 111L. It opens up a few things that aren’t in the 111D firmware, mainly bisetting/booktyping and DVD-Ram writing support.

BTW, TY and Verbatim both burn extremely well @ 12x on this drive. 4x burning with 16x Verbatim will lead to coasters, not so much with TY but it’s usually better to burn @ or close to the rated speed.