Need Firmware for Optiarc AD-7560A Acer OEM



I’ve managed to screw up my Acer Aspire Optiarc AD-7560 A OEM Firmware and as a result cannot read/burn any cds/dvds on my laptop.
Is there any place I can get the original firmware dump from anyone?
Link to any compatible firmware which works will be very helpful.

Have alreay tried HP/Sony OEM firmware for this drive model…with no luck.

Anything to get this drive working will be helpful (reading/burning/anything)

Kind regards.


Firmware version DX14… :flower::flower::flower:


hello, CK
similar to above request, i have done with my ad -7190a sony optiarc… well now its is lite on dh20a3p… new name but hardly any work as it cant read any dvd…i almost stangled it with repeated and variety of firmware aavailabe here with this site for ad 7190a … i want the .bin for it as i feel it may get beck it its original shape. and also need bit of advise as how can i force lite- on with sony .bin firm ware

– point to note i have killed one drive dw -g120a just 2 days back though i had no use of it as the lens assembly wzs transplanted to dw -q120a… i bring them from the second hand market . and tri to repair… its my hobby
but this time i am running out of luck as dw- q120a reads a single DL type dvd and no other so pl. help

by the way let me say thanks to you all … as the dead drive was dying t gave me plenty of good time …i ga ve it firmware shoks … no. of time before it was declared dead … and it did show some good signs of recovery too , but my demands were gret to it gave up

i hope some one will be able to help me with .bin for ad 7190a…

this forum gave me plenty of ideas to work upon… thanks