Need Firmware for NEC ND-2100AD DVD+RW



Hey guys I’m somewhat new to this but I’ve pretty much looked all over for firmware for the NEC ND-2100AD DVD+RW drive because I keep getting a “power calibration error” when using Nero 6 Ultra Edition everytime I try burning DVD video files. And I dont believe that my problem is a dirty laser or bad media because all of my friends use it (Ridata 4X dvd+r) with no problem. So I’ve been told to update the firmware but I cant find it anywhere for this model. If anyone has any idea what may be causing the “power calibration error” or where to get the firmware I would appreciate it. Thanks

#2 FW1.92 is the latest firmware.
If this is a dell drive then you should check with Dell to see if they have a different update. This is a 8x DVD reader/writer


You could try to solve the Power Calibration Error by using different media with the drive.


Just turn it into a 2500/2510 with firmware updates like I did :slight_smile:


I’ve tried the update on NEC’s site and it says the Target is not found correctly. What’s this about?


That normally means that you have an OEM drive, no “real” NEC drive.

You could use TDBs DOS-Flasher or BINFLASH and a appropriate firmware to flash the drive anyway.


Does the NEC ND-2100AD DVD+RW only take DVD+R media or can it take DVD-R as well?


It is an +R/+RW only burner because its OEM and the OEM has spent the money for -R/-RW licences on their vacation, obviously.

But you can crossflash it to an 2500 and even 2510, which will add burning +R DL support too.


The 2100 drives only accepts +R media for writing, but there are ways to make it write DVD-R too.


So it can write to DVD-R becuase when I insert a blank DVD-R it doesn’t detect the media (however it does detect blank CD-R media). What could the problem be?


You have to use a drive converter tool.


Should I upgrade or downgrade???


I suggest to use either 2.F8 Windows or 2.18 TDB Windows Flasher from here to make it easy in 1 step.
Don’t turn off your computer during flashing the drive!!


none of the links work on that site.

Could you just tell me which firmware or flasher I need when I convert my current drive to NEC ND-2500A.


By the way thanks for your help so far.


Use Driveconverter to made your drive a 2510 internally.

Download Maddog 2.f9 from

Use binflash to flash.

none of the links work on that site.

Could you just tell me which firmware or flasher I need when I convert my current drive to NEC ND-2500A.

TDB site doesn’t allow downloads when firewall is enable … close your firewall and make the download …
I would follow chef’s instructions …it’s easier his way…



it doesnt allow me convert to 2510. it just allows me to convert it to 2500 - so I’ll do that.


If 2100 is converted to 2500 then it’s what you want … after that you can use the latest 2500 f/w with DL support , think it’s Herrie’s , and that is the best-most you can get-ask from your drive.
from what i recall (had this drive ) you can choose to use a f/w that post the drive as 2510 or keep the 2500 ID it’s up to you…same hardware and performance anyway…


Convert it to a 2500, after that flast it with 2510a firmware. Im using Maddog 2F9 firmware.